Leland Chapman's Son Dakota Speaks out After Grandmother Beth's Memorial Service

The Chapman family said their final goodbyes to matriarch Beth on Saturday, and now her grandson [...]

The Chapman family said their final goodbyes to matriarch Beth on Saturday, and now her grandson Dakota has a message for all of those who helped make the day possible. Dakota, the 24-year-old son of Leland Chapman, took to Twitter to praise how well the memorial service went in a brief but sweet message.

Dakota's followers replied with their own well wishes for him and his his family.

Many praised Beth, who was a fan-favorite member of the Dog the Bounty Hunter cast and an inspiration to many as she battled cancer. The reality TV personality sadly died on June 26 after being placed into a medically induced coma in Hawaii.

Dakota's father Leland was one of the Chapman family members to openly discuss Beth's passing during an Entertainment Tonight interview earlier in the week. Leland, who is the son of Beth's husband Duane "Dog" Chapman and La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, has been back on the job without his mother being a part of the crew and noted just how different the experience was without her.

"I've already noticed the difference," Leland said. "We've only been out for one day. And you know I was thinking to myself, man, if Beth was here, she would be yelling, 'Come on, let's go already,' telling my dad, 'Shut up, you talk too much. Let's go.' You know what I mean? ... There's definitely a different aspect around."

Despite how strange it all is, he has faith that the Chapmans will pull through together and carry on in her memory.

"But you know, I think we'll pull through. We're a strong family and it's terrible that we had to go through that, but like I said, I know our bond is strong and we work together, which makes it even stronger," he said. "And I believe that Beth ran such a tight ship and that it just became -- when you do something over and over and over again and it's just rhetorical, it just becomes natural, you know? And I think that it's already instilled in all of us, and that's why it works so well, is because of all the years of grinding on us. You know what I mean? Do this. Do that. You know? And now, you know, you got the finished product."