Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon Gets Candid About ‘Young Motherhood’ and Marriage

After welcoming her first child with fiancé Joshua Efird this past December, reality TV personality, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon is getting frank about what it's really like being a young mother.

(Photo: Instagram / @lauryn_shannon)

While she has admitted it has been one of the most the "most tiring" times of her life, it has also been the "most amazing."

The From Not to Hot star recently chatted with Us Weekly for an exclusive that had the 18-year-old getting candid about teenage pregnancy and how her famous family, including mother, "Mama June" Shannon have been since the arrival of daughter, Ella Grace.

Shannon tells the publication her family was there for her every step of the way, revealing June was actually in the room with her during the labor, which was over 24 hours.

"The hardest thing about having a baby was having to push," she told Us Weekly.

The teenager, who plans on attending cosmetology school in the future and shows off her cosmetic skills a lot via Instagram, admits while it's tough being a young mother, she always knew she wanted to have kids young.

"I don't condone teen pregnancy, but I like the fact that I'm going to be able to grow up with my daughter," she said before sharing the ideal age she always set in mind was 24.

Shannon goes on to tell Us she and her fiancé Efird want a total of four kids.

Ella Grace, who has been a good sleep and rarely cries, has been something Shannon is awestruck from.

"I honestly didn't know that I could love a little person so much," the 18-year-old said. "I want her to grow up and not listen to what others have to say, and if she wants to do something, go after it!"

Shannon reveals her mother has been a great help as well with raising Ella, saying she "absolutely loves" her granddaughter. She also revealed her mother had top notch advice when it comes to understanding her baby's sleep cycle, which includes to sleep when the baby sleeps

"I'm not gonna say it's easy being a young mother. It is a hard process, but I've grown into it," she adds.

It won't be too hard of a process, considering Shannon's family is one she loves to lean on, especially her sisters Alana and Jessica Shannon, whom she calls her "rock."

Shannon admits that Alana is constantly helping and offering to feed Ella, and even change the diaper.

"The thing that has surprised me the most is how many diapers you go through," Shannon said, noting her daughter goes through 10-15 a day. "They don't come cheap either!"

With the baby now here, plenty of fans are asking when there will be a Not to Hot wedding, and Shannon admits they plan on getting married only when "Ella's a decent age." In the meantime, the two are focusing on just being parents and maintaining their relationship.


"They say [babies] change things, but honestly I think a kid is maybe what we needed in our relationship," she said. "We've become closer than any other time. We both help each other out. It's like it's a team thing now."

Photo credit: Instagram / @lauryn_shannon7