Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Shannon Shows off Dramatic Weight Loss in New Photo

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon recently took to Instagram to show off her dramatic weight loss change in a brand new photo. Though the post is an ad for boombod, it features a dramatic transformation outlined in a before and after photo of Thompson, revealing she has dropped some pounds and is looking more fit.

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"[Boombod] proving that the smallest changes can make a BIG difference! Stuck with my routine and took these shots... no surprises here, it paid off! Feeling so motivated right now, so if anyone needs a little boost in their routine, grab a box while this stuff - still buy one get one free!" she wrote in the post caption.

Many of her fans and followers have since commented on the post with support and encouragement.

"Wow pumpkin your (sic) doing an amazing job so good and proud of you after everything that's going on u can still look after yourself that's a life lesson baby girl love you," one person wrote.

"Good job Pumpkin!!! Beautiful family and becoming healthier too! Can really see a difference between these pics and previous post," one other user gushed.

"I stopped over eating, cut back on soda, sugary coffee, and sweets, while being up off my butt more everyday, all day, and I've lost about 4 pounds a month the last 3 months. I'm excited to keep going!!" someone else wrote.

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"Awesome job pumpkin!" one other follower exclaimed. "But for those not getting paid to endorse a product. Drinking tons of water, and taking in fewer calories while adding in a 30min walk a day will give you the same results. Diet and exercise has been the key to weight loss, not magic drinks or shakes."

"Finally you take care of your weight problem !!!! Good on you pumpkin! You re a Nice person and we would love you being around here 4 a long time! Great soul in a healthy body rocks !!!!! Keep up the good work !!!" a fifth user offered.

"Wow you are looking good hun keep it up so happy for you and what you do for your sister," a final person added.

Shannon has been taking care of her younger sister Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson for the past few months, as their mother Mama June Shannon has been in the midst of an ongoing drug possession court case. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.


Photo Credit: Getty Images