Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Sings Heart-Melting Rendition of Happy Birthday as Gift to Mom

Kylie Jenner is not about to forget her 22nd birthday any time soon. Not only did she get spoiled by her love Travis Scott with a ton of gifts and get to celebrate on a $250 million yacht, but she also got a super sweet moment with daughter Stormi that could melt the coldest soul.

The 1-year-old was snuggling with her mother for a video posted on Instagram, singing along to "Happy Birthday" and looking as cute as can be.

"My babyyyy," Kylie wrote in the caption, followed by a slew of heart emojis. Her reaction was only cemented by fans who almost couldn't handle the cute level in the video.

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"Oh my lord," one fan wrote. "God bless her!!!"

"Oh my gosh! She's is so cute!!" another fan wrote, tossing a few more heart emojis on the pile.

"Omg I can't take this," a third fan wrote separately of the other fans. "The way she says mommy omg so cute."

The mother and baby combo sported some matching white attire in the clip according to E! Online, while Jenner leads the singing but is quickly overshadowed by Stormi thanks to her cuteness.

It's only the latest look fans have gotten into the reality star's birthday celebration. She posted photos from the deck of the yacht while sporting a hot pink strapless boof dress, bookended by a pair "2" bouquets. We also got to see her latest piece of jewelry thanks to a mirror selfie showing off the chain with a lip-shaped pendant in the middle.

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The reality star also shared a look at her fancy brunch complete with pastries and fresh fruit, a selection of tropical mixed drinks with metal straws and a hallway filled with yellow and white balloons. This is reminiscent of Scott's gift.

The fashion mogul and her family set sail for Italy to celebrate, with her sister Kourtney Kardashian sharing some photos from onboard. She also shared a few photos to her Instagram Story showing Scott Disick decked out in a fancy pink jacket and a possible look at her wedding dress.


It is certainly a 22nd birthday fit for a "self-made" billionaire.