Kris Jenner Weighs in on Kim and Kourtney Kardashian's 'KUWTK' Fight

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans were shocked when they saw the new Season 18 trailer come out that highlighted not only the new drama brewing for the upcoming season, but that Kim Kardashian and older sister Kourtney Kardashian get into a physical fight that involve punches. While fans of the popular reality series had thoughts, so did their mom Kris Jenner. Jenner appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she pretty much said that her kids needed to grow up and that the scene made her sad.

"I wasn't there when they had that argument," she said. "And I have not seen them really fight like that since they were in high school."

Then she recalled a moment the family had back in 2008 where Kim became physical with the person who installed her rims on her new car and Jenner says this upcoming season's scene reminded her of that.

"There was one time, I think it was way back, when Kim ... did anybody see when Kim beat one of the kids over the head with her purse because her rims on her car weren't right, it was so silly," she recalled. "It took me back to that, but it made me really sad."

"I was like, 'You guys can't be fighting with each other,'" Jenner said of the sister fight scene. "That's ridiculous, you know. Grow up."

The popular show recently announced that their episodes will now be airing on Thursday nights instead of their regular spot on Sunday evenings. Also, Jenner did confirm that Kourtney is back and filming, despite her being unhappy with having so much of her life revolve around shooting for the show, however, she didn't specify if she's back full-time or not. She did explain to DeGeneres and the audience that her daughter "hit a wall" much like the rest of every one does when they're mentally drained, and that she became exhausted from the schedule, but now she's back and ready to go.

"She's filming again," Jenner confirmed before joking. "I gave her some [money]."


"I think she just needed a little bit of a break. You know how we all hit a tipping point, and she hit a wall. She was frustrated and she felt under-appreciated and that her sisters didn't understand her boundaries. So I think after taking a little bit of time off, she's seen the light. The Kardashian light."

Photo credit: Mike Coppola/Getty.