Kim Zolciak-Biermann Has Lips Re-Injected to 'Make Them Perfect'

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is following in 23-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann's footsteps, having her lip filler dissolved so she could have new injections "make them perfect." The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum opened up about her ongoing plastic surgery journey after going to Dr. Thuy Doan for the procedure on her Instagram Story Sunday.

"So I jumped on the Brielle Biermann bandwagon as well. Had my lips dissolved and then Dr. Doan refilled them kind of to, like, make them perfect," she explained.

Kim Zolciak Biermann Lips
(Photo: Kim Zolciak-Biermann)

Of the look she was going for with her new lips, the Don't Be Tardy star continued, "I really wanted them closer to my nose per say. I wanted like a little pout here in the center. And I really wanted my line to be defined."

Biermann went on a similar journey earlier this month, telling her followers on Feb. 11 she had "just a tad" of filler injected into her lips after her previous injections "made her lips uneven."

"All the filler I had before made my lips uneven… so I had [Dr. Thuy Doan] re-inject my lips JUST A TAD and I couldn't be happier," she wrote over a photo of herself on Instagram at the time. "Still NO WHERE NEAR how there were before (sic)."

"Less is more!" she concluded.

After ringing in 2020, the reality personality proudly announced she was going back to her natural lips, writing on social media, "Dissolved my lips yesterday. Gonna look like 18 year old Brie again soon. 2020 new year new me! Black n blue for a few days."

Biermann's mother has always been supportive of her daughter's decision to change up her look with injections, she told Us Weekly in 2018.


"She was very open because she said she didn't want other girls that felt like her to not know that there wasn't an option," the mother-of-six shared. "So, she shared that with the world. Then, they're like, 'You look like a duck, you look awful, they look terrible, blah, blah, blah,' and Brielle's like, 'Well f—, maybe I shouldn't say anything.' I said, 'No, you just basically do you.'"

Photo credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images