Kim Kardashian Intended Latex and Leather Photo Shoot to Be Christmas Card

Longtime Kardashian fans might remember the latex-clad photo shoot Kim Kardashian dragged her sisters into doing back in 2015. The goth-sexy photo shoot has resurfaced when Kardashian revealed her true intention of the photos that no one saw coming: They were going to be the family's annual Christmas card.

(Photo: Instagram / @kimkardashian)

When a Twitter user asked Kardashian what came of the photos from that edgy shoot, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast member admitted she planned to mail it out in the spirit of holiday cheer.

"This was going to be our Christmas card with the whole family but we went with the all kids pic instead," she wrote.

Another user then asked what inspired Kardashian to channel the gothic theme in the first place.

"Not sure but it was too gothic for Christmas. It was my idea but then didn't work out for a Christmas card," she replied with a crying emoji.

Kardashian previously opened up about the photo shoot on sister Khloé Kardashian's website in a behind-the-scenes video where she gave some insight on how the family is able to get group photos done when they are all busy with separate schedules.

"With all of our crazy schedules it's so hard to get everyone together for a group photo," Kardashian said in the video. "So this year we glammed together and shot some together, but mostly separate."

In the end, Kardashian was able to successfully get all of her sisters, including Kendall and Kylie, and her mom, Kris Jenner, on set for the shoot.

"I wanted to get all the sisters together and my mom to do a photo shoot and they're all fighting me today because they all have the day off. But I'm forcing this," Kardashian said.

The family all dressed up in similar sexy outfits — complete with leather, latex and studs — and donned the same short-bangs/soft waves hairstyle. They also wore a deep purple lip and smokey eye makeup to add to the overall gothic vibe.


It may not have made for a good look for the family's famous Christmas card, but years later, it's still making for one great story.