Fans Don't Believe That's Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein Ad

On Monday, Calvin Klein debuted its latest campaign, starring Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian along with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. However, there's one particular photo from the campaign that has fans slightly confused.

In the image in question, all five women are reposing on a red-and-white blanket, a prop that featured throughout the campaign.

Decked out in various versions of denim and black Calvin Klein intimates, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie lie on the blanket while Kim sits off to the side, looking at the camera.

"Harpo, who dis woman?" one fan asked, while another theorized, "New conspiracy. Kim died. Has been replaced with clone."

"Is that kim kardashian east," another queried.

"Uh..... is this a new sister i've never heard about OR seen," added a fourth, while a fifth wrote, "Are we just gonna ignore that THIS ISNT EVEN KIM."

The Internet also got creative with their declarations that the Kim in the photo is not, in fact, Kim Kardashian, sharing some rather excellent GIF reactions to the image, including some of Kim herself.

While this is probably just a case of Photoshop gone wrong, the Kim in the photo does look rather different than the reality personality the world has come to know.

Fans also questioned another shot in which Kim stands at the forefront of the group dressed in a denim outfit, as Kylie stands next to her with a blanket surreptitiously hiding her stomach.

"This photoshop is SO BAD - khloe's like...floating in space and Kim's face looks almost unrecognizable?" one fan wrote.

Kim later tweeted about the campaign, so it's safe to say it is actually her in the shots, albeit with some questionable Photoshop.


"Nothing better than working with my family!" the mogul wrote. "Honored to be shot alongside my sisters for the new CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR & CALVIN KLEIN JEANS global campaign."

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein