Khlo? Kardashian Worries Her Fame Will Hurt Cleveland Cavaliers' Game in 'KUWTK'

Khloé Kardashian had to consider the implications of her fame and the so-called "Kardashian Curse" when bringing her family to visit her boyfriend NBA player Tristan Thompson in Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kardashian, who is reportedly pregnant with Thompson's baby, brought sister Kourtney Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner on her latest trip to Cleveland, where she's been spending most of her time with Thompson during this season of the E! show.

"Maybe I could be a Cleveland mascot," Jenner quips. "We could be mascots, the whole family."

But some have reservations. Brother Rob Kardashian refuses to make the trip with the family to see the Cleveland Cavaliers play, saying he's afraid all the attention the family gets might distract the basketball players.

"I never thought of that," Kardashian says, adding that she's "nervous" now about the trip.

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Jenner's boyfriend Corey Gamble and Kourtney also say the family needs to stay away from the NBA game on their trip as well.

"I feel like we have to hide under the radar so as to not cause a big scene," the 38-year-old mother says.

When they do make it to the city, they're met with some less-than-enthusiastic responses.

"F--k the Kardashians!" one person yells as they walk down the street.

"That's so scary those people were yelling at us," Kardashian says later, looking worried.

Later, the Revenge Body host touches upon what sports fans have dubbed the "Kardashian Curse," in which athletes who date members of the Kardashian family are plagued with poor performance.

"Sports fans are die hard fans, and people are emotional and they want their team to win," she says. "But I have nothing to do with it."

Thompson, however, makes it clear that he doesn't believe in curses, telling Kardashian he definitely wants her whole family courtside at his upcoming game.

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"I love that, that he knows none of this bullsh-t is real," she says in a confessional. "But sometimes I need that reminder. ... People are always gonna say what they wanna say and I can't let them interfere with my memories and my quality times with my family."

Luckily enough for Kardashian, the Cavaliers dominate the competition, putting to rest her fears of any curse...for now.


"I think we're a good luck charm," Jenner says.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on E!