Why Kris Jenner Was 'Ecstatically Surprised' by Khloe Kardashian's Pregnancy

Recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw Khloe Kardashian reveal to her family that she was pregnant, to which her mom Kris Jenner was "ecstatically surprised."

"Hearing this news is the most special thing I think anyone can ever tell me. I'm ecstatically surprised," Jenner said during the episode, as reported by The Daily Mail.

'I always thought that maybe Khloe would be one of those women who didn't have kids and I struggled with that. It made me really sad because there was no one that was born to do this more than Khloe," she added.

Kardashian might be more than six months pregnant, but she hasn't let that stop her from showing off some epic dance moves.

The youngest Kardashian sister recently jumped in with a flashmob at an outdoor mall that she and Kourtney reportedly set-up as a surprise for their sister Kim.

Not only did the very pregnant Kardashian join in, she did it in high heels and totally nailed all the dance moves, as reported by TMZ.

There were cameras there to catch the whole things professionally, so its rumored that this was for Keeping up With the Kardashians filming.

Both Kardashian and her younger sister Kylie Jenner are expected to become new moms in 2018, and, while Kardashian is showing it off now, the two women had been going to great lengths to hide their baby bumps from the public.

Reportedly, Jenner and her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott will welcome a baby girl in February, and then Kardashian is said to be pregnant with a baby boy that is due sometime in the spring of 2018.

However, in order to play coy with fans, both women had been doing things like wearing baggy clothes in public and carrying large bags in front of their torsos, in order to block the view of their growing baby bumps.

Back in November, Kardashian was photographed in LAX wearing a baggy black hoodie and carrying a large purse in front of herself.

Now that winter has begun to set-in, they've also resorted to over-sized parkas and coats to hide their figures as well.

Another one of the most frequently used tricks, especially by Jenner, is to take up-close selfies, which typically only shows the mogul from the shoulder and above, in order to keep from revealing any baby bump growth.

The women have also posted photos on social media that feature other people, possibly in an effort to take the focus off themselves.


Outfits with high-waists are another way the two had been keeping fans guessing. Since these outfits usually have a waist that sits just above where the midsection is, it makes it more difficult to notice the bump.

Finally, when it comes to filming for Keeping up With the Kardashians, the sisters have learned to carefully place inanimate objects in front of themselves.