Khloe Kardashian Helps an 'Emotional Eater' Come out as Gay to His Parents

This Sunday’s episode of Revenge Body featured a contestant experience personal growth while he physically shrank. Khloe Kardashian helped Mayank to tame his emotional eating by facing his stress head on and coming out to his parents.

In the beginning of their onscreen interview, Mayank begins explaining to Kardashian how his issues with weight began.

“When I started to date Andrew, I started to eat a lot with him,” Mayank explained, “and it was like--”

“Do your parents know that you are gay?” Kardashian cut in.

After a pause, Mayank responded: “um, no.”

The reality star quickly helped Mayank get to the bottom of his issues, which were leading to a pattern of stress-eating that he just couldn’t break.

"I started eating a lot because I was emotional about it,” he said. “I just felt very uncomfortable and very bad, and I just turned to food."

“I’m an emotional eater,” Kardashian confided in her new friend. “I’ve learned to make healthier decisions,” she said. “I want to share it with other people.” Ultimately Kardashian and Mayank realized that he needed to build up the confidence to reveal his true self to his family, and show them that he had conviction.

After Mayank’s transformation, his physical changes are nothing compared to the way he’s able to discuss his orientation with his parents. The 29-year-old dropped 44 pounds on the show, and the difference in his confidence is astounding.

"This whole experience had made me really understand who I am," Mayank said to his mother and father. "That person is... A gay man, who is in love with his boyfriend."

In a heartfelt moment of sincerity and vulnerability, Mayank’s father -- whose approval he craved more than anyone else’s -- accepts his son for who he is.

"You're my child,” he says, “and your happiness is my happiness. So I accept you. I accept you for what you are, and I want to see you happy."

“It's not about the culture at this point,” he continues, “it's about you giving us your honest feeling, so I don't know what else to say Mayank. I'm happy for you.”