Kris Jenner Finally Explains Her Platinum Blonde Pixie

Kris Jenner is finally opening up about her blonde look on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

On an upcoming episode of the hit reality series, Mama Jenner sits in her glam room after getting her hair done and shows off her bold new look to Kim Kardashian.

"What's going on?" Kardashian says as she sees the homager's new hairstyle, which is the same icy tone as her own blonde hair.

"Do you like it?" Jenner asks. "I think it looks really great," Kardashian replied. But Jenner quickly clarified that it wasn't a permanent change, PEOPLE reports.

"I've really wanted to go blonde for so long, but the process is really grueling on your hair that I thought I would try a wig first."

Kardashian then studied Kris' look and made a comparison to another iconic figure of pop culture.

"Have you ever seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada? You kind of look like Miranda Priestly [played by Meryl Streep]," Kardashian says. "It takes a really strong woman to pull off this icy blonde."

And it seems like Jenner was pretty pleased with that comparison. "Miranda Priestly represents this amazing chicness and New York attitude and now I am looking in the mirror and Kim is right. I mean, we are the same person!" Jenner says. "I could get used to this."

"Welcome to the club!" Kardashian, who dyed her hair platinum last September, replies to her mom.

Blonde Jenner first broke the internet in Kim Kardashian's Instagram last October of her looking ridiculously glamorous while holding a martini glass in a red floral outfit with fur stole.

"Caption this: mine is SWF," Kardashian West wrote alongside her mother's lavish picture. "SWF" is slang for "single white female."

Fan reactions to Jenner's new look and over-the-top style didn't disappoint.

"Giving those Cruella vibes," one fan wrote, while others agreed that the look was akin to Cruella de Vil and her fur fascination.

"Off with your heads!" another wrote, likening her style to Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen.


Others focused on Jenner's fancy vibes, writing "swirled, not shaken" and"When everyone in your family is having babies and you are just thinking about how much free time and disposable income you have!"

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