Katy Perry Reveals 'American Idol' Episodes Will Get 'Really Creative' Amid Quarantine

Katy Perry is giving fans some insight into the "creative" measures American Idol will have to take to finish up the season amid the coronavirus pandemic. After production was suspended for the ABC singing competition last month amid Los Angeles' "stay at home" order, the Idol judge took to Facebook Live before Sunday's episode to answer fan questions.

Filming the Q&A session clad in a holiday-appropriate Easter Bunny costume from her car, Perry was candid in answering a fan who asked, "What's going on with the show since we're all still in quarantine?" Perry responded in turn, "Well, I think that we're all gonna have to be very creative." She continued, "I know that we're going to get really creative and you'll just have to be tuning into that creativity that we are probably going to create from our individual homes. We'll see how this goes."

Perry also addressed how she and fiancé Orlando Bloom have been holding up while staying at home in self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. "It's up and down. I'm sure like everyone else," she said. "Just think of the things to be grateful for and that puts your mind in a good place. I love you. I miss you guys. It's a crazy time. This is a weird and wild time and I'm sure a lot of you are going through a lot of emotions. I'm in the same club… I wish I had some answers."

Perry added she still has "hope for the near future," wrapping up on a hopeful note. "I hope that we can all get our smile back again soon. You guys stay safe and stay healthy."


The future of American Idol may be up in the air for now, but Sunday's episode managed to piece together previously taped footage of the Top 21 singers for the first part of a two-part American Idol: This Is Me special. Taking a deeper look at each contestant's life and giving fans a peek at previously unaired performances, part two of the special airs next Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.