Kate Gosselin Gets Roasted by Fans After Asking for Their Thoughts on New Series 'Kate Plus Date'

Kate Gosselin might have thought the only people who follow her Instagram page are her fans, but that is far from reality as she learned this week. After asking fans if they were excited for the next episode of her new show Kate Plus Date, the response was mostly negative.

kate gosselin kate plus date response instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Kate Gosselin)

On Monday, before Kate Plus Date Episode 2 began, the former Kate Plus 8 star asked fans if they were watching the new show. Once it started, she wrote, "What do you think so far of episode #2 of #KatePlusDate ? Comment and let me know!!!"

That was a bad idea because the comments section was quickly bombarded with critiques of the series and Gosselin's parenting.

"I never disliked a show so much. you mad rude and stuck up for what," one user wrote.

"You need to pay attention to your daughters body language, do you not see the anxiety she is having? Look at how her shoulders are always tense and she is always wrapping her hands or cracking her knuckles and has no eye contact with the cameras, get off tv and be a real parent," another added.

"Why are you even doing this show?! You seem so unimpressed to even be on this show," another person wrote. "Are you just doing it for money?! It seems you just hate it!"

There were still a handful of positive comments though, including one fan rooting for Gosselin to find the love of her life.

"I'm sure this is much more difficult with cameras. I haven't dated in 18 years and I can't imagine starting over AND being filmed. You know even though it's up to you to be doing a dating show... good for you!" a fan wrote. "You've gotta start somewhere and there are all kinds of ways of meeting people these days. I hope you find someone."

"I love you Kate! Loving this show and hope you find the perfect guy for you! You deserve someone who will make you happy," another wrote.

"I hope your twins get their own show! They're so HILARIOUS!" another wrote.

Kate Plus Date debuted earlier this month and follows Gosselin, 44, back on the dating scene. She was previously married to Jon Gosselin, with whom she shares eight children.

During Monday's episode, she was set up on two blind dates by a matchmaker, who told Gosselin she needs to stop overthinking things and enjoy meeting new men.

"I am so in my head thinking this through," Gosselin said. "When I'm thinking, I look grouchy, disinterested, bored, mad. Probably people are seeing that, including the person I'm on a date with — how horrible — but I wanted to be there!"

While Gosselin's fans might not be supporting her new television venture, she told Extra her children definitely are.


"My kids are so supportive," she said. "They keep saying, 'Do something for yourself, you've done everything for us.'"

New episodes of Kate Plus Date air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.