Kate Gosselin Demands $132K From Ex Jon in Bitter Court Battle

Kate Gosselin is reportedly demanding thousands of dollars from her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, in a new legal battle.

According to court records obtained by Radar Online, Kate Gosselin, who formerly appeared on TLC's Jon and Kate Plus Eight, is demanding $132,000 from her ex-husband for unknown reasons, with reports that she filed a lawsuit against Jon in March. A source also told the publication that Jon refuses to pay and has since gotten a lawyer to fight the lawsuit.

"He's contesting it. They're fighting it out in court," the source said. "It's a lot of money. Both parties are contesting it. It's not over yet."

The legal battle has already cost both sides money, with Kate allegedly having spent $300 for filing fees and Jon reportedly spending $200 for his response.

The former couple, who separated in 2009, are already embattled in a years-long custody battle over their sextuplets and twins, with Kate currently having full custody of all eight of their children, while Gosselin has visitation rights, though it has recently been speculated by fans that Hannah has been living with her father.

The speculation began following a series of photos that showed the father and daughter spending time together, even taking a trip to visit Collin, who is currently living in a home for children with special needs.

(Photo: Instagram @jongosselin1)

Jon Gosselin also alluded to the belief that Hannah is living with him in an Instagram video he posted on Memorial Day.

"I'd like to thank everyone for the love and support you've showed us this week. Obviously, you know the situation. If you don't know the situation you should just get together with a friend or anyone that understands the situation. But I want to say Happy Memorial Day, good luck to everyone and have a safe and happy weekend," he said in the video.


The possibility that Hannah is now living with her father comes after an August 2017 report that the then 13-year-old had refused to return to her mother's house following a visit to her father's.

During that same month, police were called to an orthodontist's office for an altercation between Kate and Jon. Law enforcement officials claimed that one of the parents had taken one of the children to a dentist appointment and a fight ensued over who would be taking the child, allegedly one of their daughters, home. The child, presumably Hannah, ended up returning home with Jon.