Kardashian Family Christmas Card Prompts Photoshop Criticism About Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Feet

Another day, another Kardashian photoshop accusation, this time regarding the family's recently released Christmas card.

This year's card features Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and their children all sitting on a couch together wearing white, though Khloé was also given an opulent gold crown.

Khloé holds her baby daughter True on her lap while Jenner holds her daughter, Stormi. Kim cuddles with her kids, North, Saint and Chicago while Kourtney poses with her daughter, Penelope, and son Reign on her lap, her son Mason sitting on the end of the couch with Rob Kardashian's daughter, Dream.

Since the card's release, fans have begun speculating that, for some unknown reason, Khloé's feet were Photoshopped onto Jenner's.

Specifically, they think that Khloé's feet in the final Christmas card shot were flipped, copied and pasted onto her younger sister's. Looking at the photo, the claim doesn't seem entirely impossible, though coming up with a reason for such a Photoshop is a bit more difficult.

In the close-up below, Khloé's feet are the ones on the far left with her legs crossed, while Jenner's are on the right in the white pants.

(Photo: Twitter / @KimKardashian)

A Reddit thread gets into full detail on the alleged copy-and-paste, with some people believing the claim and others arguing that the sisters' feet do appear different.

"They're very clearly photoshopped on," wrote one person. "WHY?? Who cares about feet?"

Another chimed in, "It just makes me wonder, like... what was so awful about Kylie's natural feet? That she was like... oh god I must have these photoshopped out..."

Still others argued that the feet were just the beginning of the Photoshop done to the card.

"The whole picture is insanely photoshopped," one user commented. "Head swaps, feet swaps, people photoshopped in completely. It looks like something someone on r/photoshopbattles could have done and they likely paid thousands of dollars for this."

A non-believer chimed in, "Okay people can have similar feet. I can name 5 people who's [sic] feet look similar and even can be mistaken for they siblings xD this is going to [sic] far."

Kim shared the card on social media on Monday, Dec. 24, explaining that the photo came together much later than usual.

"This year we waited until the last minute to do a card," she tweeted. "Schedules we're changing, my husband was in and out of town. But The day of this card last minute realized we were all together so we had all of our kids come meet us."


"Kendall and my mom rushed to a meeting after this shoot so this is what we have!" the mogul continued, explaining the absence of Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner from the snap. "As many of us as possible! From our family to yours Merry Christmas."

Photo Credit: Twitter / @KimKardashian