Kailyn Lowry Just Passed off Her New Dog Reveal as a Pregnancy Announcement, and 'Teen Mom 2' Fans Are Fuming

Kailyn Lowry frustrated Teen Mom 2 fans this week with a deceptive article about her new dog. The reality TV star shared an article about how she had welcomed "a baby girl," and many thought that she and the reporters were going out of their way to make it look like a pregnancy rather than a puppy.

Lowry brought home a brand new dog on Thursday, as she revealed on Twitter. The reality star took in a Cane Corso puppy named Karma, just over a week after loosing her beloved Rottweiler, Bear. In an article Lowry shared on social media, OK Magazine's headline read: "Kailyn Lowry Welcomes A Baby Girl: 'Meet Karma!'"

The article included a photo of Lowry sitting along on the couch from the shoulders up. Over her shoulder was an "it's a girl!" and four pink balloons. All the signs were there for a surprise baby or a pregnancy announcement, but that was not the case.

Fans were not altogether pleased by this bait and switch tactic. Some blamed Lowry while others blamed the outlet, and reactions ranged from eye-rolling to outrage.

"The cutest pup ever!! Yup and she's a girl lol," one person replied on Twitter. "Boi these click baits lol..."

"Yeah it's a dog," added another, trying to save fellow fans a click.

"It's a dog. Not a child not a boyfriend. A dog," wrote a third person. "I'm sure her kids were so excited after losing their other dog."

Lowry's long-time pet Bear passed away last Wednesday, as she revealed on social media. The old Rottweiler was suffering from various medical issues, and need to be put out of his suffering.

Meanwhile, Lowry did give a slight hint at her future family plans on Instagram on Friday night, beyond dogs. The reality star held a Q&A on her Story, where one fan asked if Karma was "the name you were saving for your actual human baby girl??"

"Nope! [I'm] saving my human daughter name for if I ever have one lol," Lowry answered.

Lowry's comments and replies in recent days a proof that the backlash to dog posts can get as harsh as any mom-shaming ever has. The reality star was brutally criticized for her new puppy's cropped ears, despite repeatedly clarifying that Karma's ears were cut before Lowry adopted her.


Others defended Lowry, sharing articles that said cropping the ears of a Cane Corso was actually a kindness, preventing cartilage breakdown later in life.

Lowry will be back on TV for the second half of Teen Mom 2 Season 9 starting this Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. Presumably, her puppy will join her in later episodes.