Judge Judy Officially Backs Mike Bloomberg for 2020 Presidential Race on 'The View'

Judge Judy officially endorsed former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg for president on Monday, in the first political move of her long career. The TV host visited The View to lay out her reasons for supporting Bloomberg in the 2020 election, saying that the billionaire mayor of the only candidate that she can get behind. Fans are split over Judge Judy's input.

"Judge" Judy Sheindlin was a guest on ABC's The View on Monday with a controversial political message. She came on to endorse former New York City Mayor Bloomberg in the 2020 presidential election. Co-host Whoopie Goldberg noted that Sheindlin has never made an endorsement like this before.
"Never," she agreed.

Sheinhold delivered an uninterrupted monologue over 2-minutes-long explaining why she supports Bloomberg.

"Well, first: I've never seen America so angry with each other as a family," Sheindlin declared. "And it became sort of frightening when you couldn't go to a social gathering and have a difference of opinion. And lose a friend, an acquaintence, a family member, disinvited. If you view America as the greatest family on the planet, I felt as if it was time for America — which is the greatest country in the world — to have the greatest president."

Sheindlin specified further, saying the United States need a good president and not "a revolution, because I don't think this country needs a revolution!"

"I think it's a very young country, it's 250 years old. In the scheme of things, that's a baby," she continued. "And it still has growing pains, it's still learning, it's still exploring how to interpret the constitution, what it means — 'Is it elastic? Is it—' Not elastic, but... It's the greatest country in the world."

To Sheindlin, Bloomberg is the only candidate in this election that embodies that need.

"When I looked at the field of 2020 candidates, for one reason or another — although I'm sure they're all very nice people — there was no other voice for me other than a voice of someone who has experience in governance, second only to the President of the United States," she said, "because New York City has the most diverse population of any place else in the United States of America, except the United States of America."

Sheindlin appealed to the panelists on The View, saying: "You all are New Yorkers, so you sort of remember, there was a good feeling, it was feeling that things were run effectively and efficiently during his 12 years as mayor. I felt that way when he was the mayor."

The co-hosts made soft sounds that sounded like agreement, but did not interrupt Sheindlin as she continued.

"He's a brilliant, self-made guy, who runs and manages thousands of people, and has for thirty years," she said. "He's a philanthropist — not just a today philanthropist, but since even before he left the mayoralty. He's been supporting things that we all care about — gun control, climate change — and spending his money to do that in all sorts of ways across America."

As for the other candidates in the field, Sheindlin argued that they owed a lot of their experience to Bloomberg himself.

"I even think that one of the presidential candidates went to a school he founded for mayors at Harvard!" she said. "And that was not just yesterday in anticipation of running for president, that's who he is!"


Judge Judy's support for Bloomberg did not sit well with all of her fans, who responded en masse on social media. As of Friday, Bloomberg is tied for third place in polls for the Democratic primary, according to The Hill, but many voters have serious concerns about his late entry, his qualifications and his political positions, which are not as clear as those of his opponents.

The Democratic primaries begin next month. CBS News has a full schedule of when various states will get to vote.