Jon and Kate Gosselin Fans Think Daughter Hannah Looks Happier Living With Her Dad

Jon and Hannah Gosselin have been spending some major father-daughter time together as of late, [...]

Jon and Hannah Gosselin have been spending some major father-daughter time together as of late, and fans of the former TLC family think the 14-year-old looks happier than ever.

Amid rumors that former couple Kate and Jon Gosselin have agreed upon a new custody agreement that has Hannah living with him, the reality TV alum shared a photo of himself and his daughter, looking all smiles, cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles. (The couple also shares Cara and Madelyn, 17, and Alexis, Leah, Joel, Aaden, and Collin Gosselin, 14.)

Jon Gosselin Hannah
(Photo: Instagram/Jon Gosselin)

"We are Back!!! GO BIRDS !!! #philadelphiaeagles," he captioned the photo.

Jon's followers were quick to notice how happy the teen looked to be spending time with, and possibly living with, her dad, CafeMom pointed out.

"Thank goodness she lives with you!" one user wrote. "Anybody would look less stressed after leaving a house where you're constantly under ones thumb and berated. You both look great!"

Another added, "Hannah looks so happy and less stressed so glad she's with you," while a third wrote, "I'm so happy you finally get to have a good relationship with her! Every girl needs their daddy!!"

The custody situation surrounding the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 couple is unclear, with Jon claiming in an Instagram Live in August that Hannah was living with him full-time, and a source close to the couple telling PEOPLE soon after than Kate still has full custody of all eight children.

Regardless of the legal situation, it does appear that Hannah has moved in with Jon, with him posted a back to school message about the teen late last month that alludes to a big move on her part.

"Congrats Hannah on your first day of school, proud of you. I admire your bravery starting fresh!" he wrote. "I Love you very much and we have worked really hard to get here. Dedication has really paid off."

He continued, "I'm so happy you integrated yourself into the community, you made friends all summer and now you will grow and graduate with them. I'm honored to be your father!!! Love you, Dad."

Despite his flourishing relationship with Hannah, Jon reportedly is still estranged from twins Mady and Cara.

The 17-year-olds told PEOPLE in 2016 they weren't speaking to their dad, who had been open about their strained relationship at the time.

"He makes it seem like we're being kept from him, which is insane," Mady said. "He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don't want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen."

"He doesn't even know us," she added. "How can he dare to talk about us?"

Photo credit: Instagram/Jon Gosselin