Jinger Vuolo Attends Red Carpet, but Duggar Fans Locked in on Her Heels

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is enjoying her new life in Los Angeles, and breaking some of her family’s conservative rules in the process. On Tuesday night, the Counting On star and her husband Jeremy Vuolo attended the red carpet debut of Discovery’s Serengeti, and while Jeremy looked dressed to the nines, it was Duggar’s heels and pants that had everyone talking.

“We had a great time at [Discovery’s] premiere of #Serengeti last night!” Vuolo captioned a photo of herself and her husband posing in front of the event’s step and repeat.

“[Discovery] #Serengeti was so masterfully created!” she added on her Instagram Story. “So enjoyed it!”

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Wearing a white striped button-down, navy blue blazer, white jeans, and heels, the fact that Vuolo had opted to abandon her family dress code, which calls for women to wear dresses or skirts, shocked many of the Counting On star's fans.

“You look awesome!!” one fan wrote. “Love the pants and red sandals.”

“Those shoes!” another commented.

“Looking great in those pants!” added a third. “Glad to see some of you are breaking the Duggar mold.”

“I love how Jinger has made her wardrobe more modern,” added another.

“I love the fact that Jinger is wearing pants,” commented a fifth. “she looks so good.”

Prior to marriage, Duggar children are kept to a rigid dress standard, banning women from wearing anything “immodest,” including any kind of pants or anything baring the knee or shoulder. However, once married, the Duggars believe that after they get married, what they wear is up to their husbands.

Of course, there have been plenty of moments where the Duggar children have broken those rules, and even prior to this, Vuolo had proven herself to be flexible when it comes to her wardrobe choices and her family’s dress code.


In 2017, she rocked khaki pants, sneakers and a t-shirt bearing the Nike logo across the front. That same year, she was spotted wearing Bermuda short, marking one of the very the first times that fans of Counting On had seen any of the Duggar women wearing anything other than a long skirt or dress.

Meanwhile, sister Jill (Duggar) Dillard has also proven herself to be a rule breaker. Along with wearing pants, she also got a nose piercing, something that completely shocked fans of the conservative family.