Why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Are Frustrated With Daughter Jana

Jana Duggar has so far refused to follow the path of the rest of her family when it comes to getting married and having children. The 29-year-old Counting On star is the only one of her siblings over the age of 20 who isn’t married. Eight of her brothers and sisters have already tied the knot.

Publicly, her parents Jim Bob and Michelle, haven't said much about their second-oldest child still being unwed, but behind-the-scenes they have their concerns. This is according to an In Touch Weekly source, who said, “Meet a nice boy, date, get engaged, marry and start a family right away — that’s just how the Duggars do things. But Jana isn’t going to marry someone just to follow the family norm — and that’s refreshing.”

The source said the Duggars are trying their best to be “patient,” but are secretly “frustrated” by Jana’s inability to meet Mr. Right so far.

She talked to In Touch in August about her single status and responded to a fan’s comment that they would love to see her find her “handsome prince.” “Maybe he’s riding in on a green turtle instead of a white horse,” Jana said. “[I’m] still searching for Mr. Right,” the conservative cutie continued. “In the words of Michael Bublé, ‘just haven’t met [him] yet!'”

Fans have long been hoping that Jana and country singer Lawson Bates are dating. He is frequently in the Duggars' home state of Arkansas, and recently the two were part of a group that went to the Bahamas to help Hurricane Dorian victims. Jana has consistently denied that there is anything romantic happening between the two.


Jana’s married siblings include Joshua, 31; John-David, 29; Jill, 28; Jessa, 26; Jinger, 25; Joseph, 24; Josiah, 23; and Anna, 21. They have 13 children among them. There is a 14th Duggar offspring on its way, as well. Anna and husband Dillian King are expecting the birth of their son Dax Ryan any day now.

“Dill has been very supportive of me getting plenty of rest! So I haven’t been to 3130 Clothing much! But I’m def still in charge [laughing out loud],” Duggar told In Touch. “For our last week, we have been busy putting the final touches together for the nursery, washing little baby socks and everything and Dill is putting the car seats in our car! It’s so crazy to think our little man could come anytime!!”