Jill Duggar Shares Son Samuel's Sweet Milestone

Former Counting On star Jill Duggar Dillard's 3-year-old son Samuel has checked off another major milestone. On Monday, Dillard was a beaming mom as she revealed that her youngest son officially got his first library card! Along with Samuel, Dillard also shared 6-year-old son Israel with husband Derick Dillard, the proud mama revealing that her youngsters are little bookworms.

Dillard shared the exciting news with fans in a Monday Instagram post documenting the special moment in her son's life. In the post, Dillard said that she and her sons "finally made it to our local library for the first time in over a year," and the trip was an extra special one for her toddler, who "got his first library card!" Little Samuel certainly seemed excited about the big moment, with the former TLC personality having captured a few snaps as Samuel posed behind a stack of books and then signed his name on his very first library card.

Dillard went on to tell fans that she and her husband decided that now was a good time for Samuel to get a library card as he can now write his name. She wrote, "we figured we'd let him get his VERY OWN card like big brother! He was so excited he wanted to hold it the whole way home." Samuel is already making good use of his card, too, as the boys "already finished one of the mystery chapter books we brought home and the boys are eager to start the other one! I love seeing them excited about reading!"

The exciting moment came just after Dillard opened up about her sons' love of reading in a sweet post on Friday. Sharing a photo of the two boys spending some quality time together on a hammock, Dillard wrote, "I told them they had to take naps today instead of just having quiet book time (because we will be out late) they asked if they could sleep in the same room this time, 'because we like it!'" She went on to share that she loves "their love and thoughtfulness for each other," quipping that "they still fight and annoy each other too, but their bond is so sweet!"


June has proved to be a very special month for the Dillard family. Along with Samuel getting his library card, Dillard and her husband marked their seventh wedding anniversary on June 21. In a heartwarming note to her husband, the mom of two wrote, "I could've never imagined at the time all we'd face together and where we'd be now, but I'm forever grateful for you always by my side! Thank you for being my man and loving and leading through thick and thin! You're my bestie for the restie!" Dillard and her husband married in 2014 and left Counting On in 2017.