'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Not Engaged Despite Jen Harley's Ring

Jen Harley is not engaged to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, despite the fact that the Jersey Shore star's girlfriend was seen out and about with a diamond ring on her wedding ring finger.

The Blast reports that sources close to the couple are "not engaged" but that their relationship status tends to change quite quickly, given their dramatic history together.

Click here to see a photo of the diamond ring on Harley's finger. Photos from Harley's past social media posts show her wearing the same ring before, just never on her ring finger.

The reality star and Harley have gone through their fare share of ups and downs throughout their relationship. Ever since the two welcomed daughter Ariana in April together, they have bickered on social media and even engaged in physical altercations to the point where police were called and arrests were made.

It all culminated this summer when Harley was arrested for allegedly dragging Ortiz-Magro with her car with Ariana in the backseat. She was ultimately not charged with a crime. On last week's episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Ortiz-Magro told cast mate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi that the situation was overhyped.

Polizzi was being skeptical of his claim that his relationship with Harley had been "calm and cordial" since the major blow-up.

"Is that before or after she dragged you with a car?" she clapped back, adding, "Why would you stay with her when she tried to kill you?"

"We just got into a argument over nothing," Ortiz-Magro explained. "She was like, 'Get out the car! Get out the car!' and I went to go talk to her, and she drove off thinking that the door was gonna shut, and I held onto the door, and I fell basically. And then everyone just made it seem worse. Like everything I did was on TMZ for a while."

He posited that his tumultuous relationship only made headlines when things got out of control.

"You know the news and these magazines, they only report negative stuff," he told the cameras. "They're gonna make it seem so much more worse and people are gonna be so much more anxious. Think a car accident. People don't want to look, but they're gonna look."

While he admitted that the relationship "wasn't healthy before," he said he and Harley were "taking it day by day."

"Honestly, I love you Ron, but for the sake of the baby, go to couples therapy, fix yourself and be good parents for your baby," Polizzi said. "Do it for the baby."

However, things may not have cleared up as much as Ortiz-Magro insists they have, as he recently briefly shared a photo of himself with a black eye, insinuating that Harley gave it to him.

"Sorry for lying to my friends and family, sometimes u love people so much your (sic) willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to Protect," he wrote on the Instagram Story, which he quickly deleted. He also tagged a non-existent Instagram handle, @JenXKidddddddddddd, at the bottom of the post, seemingly implying that Harley was responsible for his injuries.


After the fact, TMZ reported that Harley hit the MTV star with a phone and punched him in the face, resulting in the bruises on his face. Police were reportedly called to Ortiz-Magro's Las Vegas home for a custody dispute over Ariana when Ortiz-Magro reportedly told police about Harley's history of violence toward him.

Harley wrote on her own Instagram Story that she would "never speak to [Ortiz-Magro] again" soon after he posted and deleted the image, but the two have been spotted out and about together since then.