'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick Fight Over Her Ex-Husband in Exclusive Sneak Peek

The tension between Angelina Pivarnick and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino explodes in Thursday's all-new episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Angelina calls out Mike for meddling in her relationship with ex-husband Chris Larangeira in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the MTV show's new episode, while Mike fires back accusing her of sabotaging his American Cornhole League chances with her DM sliding. 

The fight kicks off when Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi tells Angelina to grab her phone and participate in an ongoing vote about who people would rather play cornhole with – Mike or Vinny Guadagnino. "There's a vote on your phone," Vinny explains. "You gotta be honest and vote." While Angelina quips she's "rather not see any of them" and is just looking to get a drink, Mike and Vinny are determined to get her vote.

"She's definitely gonna vote for me. You know you hate Vinny," Mike states confidently, as Vinny chimes in, "This is your mortal enemy. Are you kidding me? [He] got involved in your relationship?" Mike responds, "Why would she ever vote for you? She hates you," prompting Vinny to opine, "Yeah, but she actually wants to have sex with me."

As the poll hits 50/50, then 49/51 in favor of Vinny, Nicole laments in her confessional, "Oh my God. It's like another thing Mike has to stress about. This poor kid. Can't catch a break." Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio adds, "You can just tell Mike is disturbed. I don't know what's gonna mess up Mike more. Angelina being in his DMs, this poll Or Vinny being better than him."

Angelina's DM-sliding quickly becomes the topic of conversation after she attests that the guy who drove their boat earlier "wants to bang" her. But when the Shore gang points out that Angelina will already have enough mess to deal with when she sees all of the people she DM'd at Mike's cornhole tournament tomorrow, Angelina seems unphased. "See them? They wanna sit next to me," she responds, as Pauly points out that 28 of those people "wanna sleep with her."

"This is gonna be messy," Vinny tells the camera. "I DM multiple women, but I don't get them all together in the same place. Unless it's on Double Shot of Love." Angelina maintains she only sent all those DMs "to help Mike," but he's not buying it: "Ang, don't you think you should at least ask me – be like, 'Oh Mike, what you think? It's a big event for you. Should I do this?' At least ask?"

"I'm trying to help you. If you don't see what I'm trying to do then that's on you, bro," Angelina responds, as Mike calls her out for not showing "a little respect" for the event. "Did you show me respect? When you did what you did?" Angelina asks, bringing up Mike's involvement with her ex-husband at the end of her marriage.

"You asked me. You said, 'Mike, if my ex-husband ever hits you up let me know.' He hit me up yesterday. He texted me, 'Congratulations on expecting.' I said, 'Thank you so much.' Boom," Mike confesses. "And I let you know the next day." Angelina denies that Mike told her he answered Larangeira, firing back, "Hold the f- on. You told me last night that you didn't answer him back." 

Flashing back to the night before, Mike told Angelina, "Both of us agreed not to meddle in each other's affairs. Your ex-husband hit me up recently. But I kept my deal. I'm just saying." Back in present day, Angelina clearly took that to mean Mike didn't respond, but BDS doesn't see the problem with sending a quick 'thank you' back. "Someone said congratulations because you're expecting. I said thank you," he says incredulously.

It's on between Angelina and Mike then as they go back and forth over whether or not Mike lied about responding to the congratulatory text – and it's clear the rest of the Family Vacation gang is not taking the feud seriously. As Pauly encourages someone to "flip a table" over and over, Nicole tells the camera this is the "stupidest fight" she's ever witnessed.

"I don't know what happened," Vinny says in a confessional. "Yo, I don't even know what they're fighting about at this point." Pauly jokes, "Oh, I know. Is it fighting over cornhole?" as Vinny reminds him, "It's fighting over the old beef with Chris Larangeira." As Mike tells Angelina to take her issue up with her ex or "Verizons," Pauly confesses, "I don't know what they're fighting over at this point."

The DJ asks that someone "just flip a table and get it over with," and Vinny agrees, "That's all that has to happen. This is a reality show." Angelina continues to argue that she was trying to help Mike, while Mike calls her "the definition of toxic" before telling her, "You know what, Angelina? You're right, two plus two is five. You just gotta carry the one."

With the worst of the fighting over, Nicole asks, "Can we go, please? I wanna go in the lake." As Pauly adds one last time that someone still needs to flip a table, Nicole responds cheekily, "I'll flip the table if we can get out of here."