Jenelle Evans' Mom Barbara Reveals Snap of David Eason and Nathan Griffith 'Getting Along'

Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, posted photographic proof that her daughter's ex Nathan [...]

Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara Evans, posted photographic proof that her daughter's ex Nathan Griffith and her husband David Eason can get along together.

Barbara posted a candid shot from her grandson Kaiser's birthday party on Saturday. It showed a group of four men standing together in a yard, doing their best to hang a piñata from a tree. As she pointed out, this was undeniable proof that Griffith and Eason can get along, even amidst their furious custody battle.

"[Oh my God] Nathan on left David on right today at Kaiser's Birthday Party," she wrote. "Finally all getting along."

(Photo: Instagram @barbara0230)

Kaiser is Evans' middle child, from her relationship with Griffith. The two were together for years and even got engaged before Jenelle accused Griffith of domestic abuse, and the two broke up. Still, Griffith has continued to be a prominent aspect of the Teen Mom 2 alum's life, as he often publicly disapproves of some of Evans' behavior, her marriage to Eason and their parenting style.

More recently, Evans, Griffith and Eason have been entangled in a massive custody battle, as Griffith argues that he deserves more than weekend visitation with his son. Griffith has repeatedly questioned Evans' parenting abilities, while at the same time she and Eason have faced separate issues of alleged domestic violence.

A few weeks ago, Child Protective Services actually intervened, taking Kaiser and Jenelle's other children and stepchildren away from the couple. Eason reportedly shot and killed Evans' pet dog, Nugget, in front of the family — a red flag that authorities could no longer ignore.

A judge reportedly told Evans that she could get custody of her children back by leaving her husband, which she shows no signs of doing. Meanwhile, Griffith is doing his best to spring on this opportunity to get Kaiser back for good.

The details of this great legal battle are unclear, but it is clear where fans stand. When pictures from Kaiser's birthday party went up online, Teen Mom 2 fans flooded the comments with concerns for the youngster, condemning Evans for bringing her potentially dangerous family together again.

"When you don't see your kids for weeks at a time skipping visits but you need a new pick for insta...." on user commented on Jenelle's post.

"A mother gives up everything for her children .... you give up NOTHING," another user wrote.

Evans and her family have officially left the cast of Teen Mom 2, yet fans are still keeping up with her on social media for now.