Jenelle Evans' Mom Barbara Reveals 'Teen Mom 2' Star Did Not Regain Custody of Son Jace

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans recently claimed that she had regained full custody of her son Jace from her mother, Barbara Evans. However, the reality star's mother is setting the record straight. In an interview with TMZ, published Sunday morning, Barbara said that she still has full-custody of 11-year-old Jace.

This whole matter began after Evans took to her Instagram Story in order to address her past behavior on Teen Mom 2, the first two seasons of which dropped on Netflix in mid-December. The reality star explained that she has grown quite a bit since fans saw her on Seasons 1 and 2 of the series. She also shared that she had regained full custody of her eldest son, Jace, from her mother, who has had custody of him throughout his life. Evans initially told her fans, “This is a little PDA announcement. You are probably watching Teen Mom on Netflix right now as we speak and if you are, good. That was the old me. That was the young me, the stupid me, the me that took risks."

“Now let’s not sit here 10 years later and come to my page and hate on me for my mistakes that I learned from,” she continued. “Let’s not get caught up on the $200 you let me use to bail me out of jail. Let’s not get caught up on the dumbass men that I dated." The former MTV personality went on to address whether she has custody of her son Jace, whom she shares with her ex Andrew Lewis. She noted, "I have custody of Jace. He lives with me now full-time." The former Teen Mom 2 star ended her message by writing, “My kids are happy, they’re healthy. That’s all that f—king matters. But I totally get it, I would hate me too if I was watching me. But if you catch up with me now, I’m doing a lot better, you guys. Peace, love, happiness, b—s.”

Barbara clarified to TMZ that she still has full custody of Jace. She first got custody of him when he was a baby and Evans has only had visitation rights ever since. Barbara said that Jace does have a set routine that involves his mother, as he has been going back and forth between his grandmother and mother's homes amidst the pandemic. He reportedly goes to Evans' house for 3 to 4 days at a time. Barbara noted that Evans called her after she announced that she regained full custody of her son and told her mom that she "misspoke." She recognized that Barbara still has full custody of Jace.