Jenelle Evans Says She's Not in an Abusive Relationship With David Eason

Jenelle Evans is denying that her relationship with David Eason is in any way abusive after a [...]

Jenelle Evans is denying that her relationship with David Eason is in any way abusive after a viewer reached out to the Teen Mom 2 star on Twitter about their own experiences in a domestic violence situation.

Evans and Eason have long been accused of having a violent or controlling relationship with one another and toward Evans' three children, but the MTV personality has always maintained that nothing troubling is going on in their household.

But when a fan wrote Evans an open letter on Twitter, she was quick to clap back.

"Dear [Evans], I don't know you.I do know #Violence. When I was your age I had an extremely violent & controlling [boyfriend], who crushed me physically & emotionally. I was blessed to escape [with] my life. I was dead inside. I see that same look in your eyes. RUN! Leave!" she wrote.

In response, Evans wrote, "Dear Whoever You Are, I've been through many many controlling, emotionally and psychically abusive relationships. My husband does not 'crush me', hurt me, or abuse me in any way. I did run away from many diff men and choose to start over and fresh every single time."

But the reality star's defense of her husband only drew more concern from the initial letter writer, who said that Evans children shouldn't fear the "monster" in their home.

"If you only knew what type of 'monster' David was.... you'd be surprised," she responded. "When your son refuses to make a Fathers Day gift for his real dad and says his stepdad means more to him... THAT speak volumes. You only know what you see for 5 mins on a show each week, months ago [laughing out loud]."

When another fan said that Eason is "scary," she clapped back again.

"Uhm... well he doesn't scare me," she said. "Don't make a statement like that unless it's truly factual. As long as I'm happy that's ALL that matters, holy s—."

We hope she's speaking the truth, at least for her and her kid's sake.

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Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans