Jenelle Evans' Husband Accused of 'Controlling' Her in New Court Documents

In newly filed court documents, Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason is accused of "controlling" her.

The documents also suggest that he has physically harmed her and that he has “substance abuse issues,” according to Radar Online.

Olivia Leedham, the mother of Eason's son Kaden, is the person who filed the legal paperwork, which relates to the ongoing custody battle between the two.

Leedham is reportedly pleading with the court to keep Kaden away from Eason, citing “erratic” behavior and concerns that he may harm the child physically.

Previously, Leedham had been awarded “sole legal and physical custody” of Kaden. The documents Radar obtained stated, "The court determined that the Defendant [Eason] had committed acts of domestic violence on the Plaintiff [Leedham] during the course of the relationship.”

Additionally, the documents indicated Eason “endangered the life of the child by pushing Plaintiff when she was eight months pregnant and by leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant.”

The two were able to come to a custody agreement that worked for both of them in 2017, but that appears to be in jeopardy now, as new documents suggest Leedham feels as if Eason and Evans "do not appear to be stable themselves or their relationship, nor do they appear to have a peaceful home life.”

"[Eason] is exhibiting erratic and concerning behavior and his life appears to have again deteriorated into chaos,” the documents add. “[Eason] has allegedly become increasingly controlling of Ms. Evans and has alienated from her family.”

The documents go on to detail an alleged argument between Evans and Eason that took place before their September 2017 wedding.

“Ms. Evans became extremely upset with Defendant because Ms. Evans’ mother could not attend the wedding due to a conflict with the Defendant. Ms. Evans was irate, made derogatory comments about the Defendant and threatened to cancel the wedding, all of which was broadcast on television,” the legal papers state.

Leedham then expressed concern to the judge that she fears Eason could harm Evans physically.

“Based on her prior experience with the Defendant, or observations from the media, and her recent interactions with him, the Plaintiff is concerned that domestic violence is likely to occur between Defendant and Ms. Evans, especially in front of the minor child,” the documents add.


Finally, the new documents conclude that Leedham feels, “in light of his recent firing from his employment, potential substance abuse issues, and marital strife, at this time it would be in Kaden‘s best interest” if Eason did not have visitation rights.

The case has reportedly been continued to April. Neither Eason nor Evans appear to have commented at this time.