'Growing Up Hip Hop': Sam Goes Off Before Wedding (Exclusive Clip)

Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 has too much drama to keep up with. The We tv reality series follows the lives of the children of some of hip-hop's icons. Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop celebration, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Treach, and Kurupt ban together on stage to show why the genre has become the dominant force in music. But there's a lot happening with the crew around them.

With a new baby is coming, Egypt Criss and her husband, Samuel Wright, the latter of whom has caused much controversy throughout the years, has to fight off the noise of those who aren't thrilled for them. Meanwhile, a long-held secret romance is exposed, and Romeo Miller makes a dramatic return to the scene, reigniting old rivalries and potentially romantic feelings resurfacing.

Egypt is joining her mother, Pepa of Salt N' Pepa, on tour. Sam's personal legal issues threaten everything she's working for. Angela Simmons can no longer hold in her creative energy and embarks on a career in music, while she also continues to focus on raising her son, Sutton Jr. Loyalties are being tested in the Hailey family as Sakoya Wynter is caught in the crossfire of her mom, Tiny's, affair; and her devotion to her father JoJo Hailey.

In the upcoming episode, Jojo confronts Buck over his toxic behavior. Meanwhile, Sakoya attempts to mend her relationship with Tiny. And Egypt and Sam decide who will be invited to their wedding, while her father, Treach, suspects Sam has ulterior motives for marrying Egypt. Layzie mourns his Mother. Watch an exclusive clip above.