Huge Leg Tattoo Leaves 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Hospitalized: Sierra Gates Speaks Out

Too much pain isn't a good thing.

Tattoos can have serious side effects, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Sierra Gates learned the painful way. She took to social media to reveal she'd been hospitalized after getting a leg sleeve done. "I got my whole leg done but my brain told my body it was too much trauma after the numbing wore off," she wrote in the post. 

Despite her scary experience, she doesn't regret it but sent a slight warning to her followers. "I just want to say, again, if you are going to do 'Monster Numb' tattoos, do not get it crazy big like I did," she said. "Because when it numbs off, you're gonna be in crazy pain and when you're getting it done, you're gonna be so numb, you don't feel nothing. Nothing. But if you are a person that can take pain, I would say to still get it… but just be mindful that when the numbing cream wears off you're gonna start feeling it — yeah."

After asking fans for prayers, she let them know she'd be hospitalized for up to seven days. In her Instagram stories, several visitors made sure she was okay during her stay. "I'm a real soldier and I'll be back better than ever," Gates wrote.

Gates has been part of the VH1 franchise since 2019. The 34-year-old entrepreneur is a hair and nail salon owner, and the wife of Shooter Gates. They share a son, Mason, together. During her time on the show, she learns her assistant Moriah is sleeping with Shooter. The couple later separated. In a later season, her new relationship with BK is highlighted. They split and she begins dating Eric Whitehead in the show's 10th season.