'Great Christmas Light Fight' Returns With Carter Oosterhouse Following 2017 Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Great Christmas Light Fight returns to ABC for a sixth season Monday, co-hosted yet again by Carter Oosterhouse, who last year was accused of sexual misconduct by a makeup artist.

Oosterhouse, who is joined by co-host Taniya Nayak in the holiday special, was accused during the show's run in 2017 of misconduct dating back to 2008 on the set of the lifestyle expert's HGTV show, Carter Can.

In December 2017, former makeup artist for the show Kailey Kaminsky told The Hollywood Reporter that she had worked with Oosterhouse 2008 and alleged that he had coerced her into performing repeated oral sex acts.

"At that point, I was a nervous wreck. I was so worn down from his advances, so I did: that day, on that occasion," she told the publication, claiming she only agreed when he allegedly threatened to get her fired. "It was the first time. Then thereafter it was almost every time we would shoot — 10 to 15 times he put me in this position."

Following the accusations, Oosterhouse claimed his relationship with Kaminsky had always been consensual, telling PEOPLE, he was "very passionate about what is happening right now with the #metoo movement, especially because I have so many strong women in my life, like my wife, mother, sister and of course my little baby girl. We are in a time of change for society and I am behind it 100 percent."

He continued that he "had an intimate relationship with Kailey 9 years ago and it was 100 percent mutual and consensual. In no way did I ever feel, nor was it ever indicated to me, that Kailey was uncomfortable during our intimate relationship. I would have never done anything that I was not sure was mutually agreeable."

Oosterhouse's wife, Amy Smart, also defended her husband on social media, writing on Instagram, "We are in a climate right now where it's so wonderful and needed to have women coming forward to break their silence; it is vital and important for female equality. Period. A lot of the stories are horrific and need to be brought to light. This story, about my husband, Carter Oosterhouse, on the other hand, is now taking it too far and boundaries are being crossed."

The Trading Spaces star was also backed by his TLC boss, Nancy Daniels, who told THR in January, "We did look into the allegations. We also looked into everything that we did throughout our production on this [run] of Trading Spaces, and we take it all very seriously. At the end of the day, we feel very comfortable continuing with Carter in the show."


The Great Christmas Light Fight premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Nov. 26 on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC