'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Wears Diaper 6 Days After Welcoming Daughter: 'No Room for Modesty'

Mina Starsiak Hawk is showing off the reality of motherhood six days after welcoming daughter Charlotte Drew. The Good Bones star urged her followers to be kind to themselves as she showed off different views of her postpartum body as a reminder that social media is far from reality, especially when it comes to being a mom.

"6 day postpartum!!!!" she posted alongside a fresh-faced selfie in leggings and a sports bra. If followers swiped right for the next photo in her gallery, however, they would see shots of the HGTV star wearing that same sports bra as well as a diaper on the very same day. "Just food for thought," she continued, explaining that while "both are me," the first photo was taken while she was "posed and sucked in," which Starsiak Hawk noted was "suuuuper unpleasant post c section fyi."

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"The rest are me, at rest," she said of the more candid photos, adding alongside laughing emojis. "In my diaper, [because] yes, you have to wear a diaper after giving birth [because] things just come out. There’s no room for modesty after childbirth." Next time her followers see an influencer who looks like they have it all together, Starsiak Hawk advised them to "just remember.... you’re only being shown what they want you to see; part of them for sure, but usually not the whole story." She concluded her "Monday soap box moment" with a request that people "be kind to yourselves and to those you might be quick to judge based solely on social media."

Starsiak Hawk and husband Steve Hawk welcomed daughter Charlie on Sept. 16, adding her to the family alongside their 2-year-old son, Jack Richard, and their two dogs, Frank and Sophie. Baby Charlie was born weighing 7 lbs., 6 oz. and measuring in at 18.5 in. long. The Indiana native has been open about her IVF journey throughout her pregnancy, which she told PopCulture in May prompted "mass quantities" of outreach from her followers. "From women who were doing the same thing, or had a sister dealing with the same thing, our friends, and just how much they appreciated me, normalizing it a little bit," she said. "Because a lot of times you just hear about big A-list movie stars. So-and-so had an IVF, and this is their beautiful child — that's the story. It makes it sound way more simple than it is."