'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk's Sister Kelsy Gray Ties the Knot Amid Last-Minute, Near Mishap

On Saturday, Mina Starsiak Hawk's younger sister, Kelsy Gray, tied the knot amid a potential last-minute disaster that the HGTV star chronicled on her Instagram involving the hired wedding band. Over the weekend, Hawk's little sister got married in Indianapolis to her longtime boyfriend, Neil — both of whom have appeared on the beloved network series Good Bones that Hawk shares with her mother, Karen Laine. While social distancing practices cautiously marked celebrations, Hawk revealed the band for her sister's wedding, Huckleberry Funk, bailed at the "last minute" because they were "double-booked" in a series of videos.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Saturday night to reveal the potential catastrophe in one of the most important days in her sister's life, Hawk revealed Gray, who contracted the band and "paid in full," was initially in attendance but left because of a double-booking. "Poo on them," Hawk said in a video chronicling the situation, later sharing most humbly how another local band, the Indigos, "came in, very last minute" to save the day. Hawk proceeded to share videos of the band, calling them "so fun."

(Photo: Mina Starsiak Hawk / @mina_starsiak_hawk)

Hawk shared videos of the happy day, along with moments capturing her husband, Steve, doing the chicken dance mixed with a throw-the-dice kind of move. While the Good Bones star reiterated in another video how Gray's wedding was "not what it was supposed to be," she admits it was the "most fun wedding possible in 2020." Overlaying subsequent videos with a GIF of the phrase, "love is not cancelled (sic)," Hawk later shared videos of her sister "getting serious drink down" with some wicked dance moves alongside her new husband. Over at Gray's Instagram on Sunday morning, the 28-year-old shared her thanks to the Indigos for "saving the night," going on to call them "incredible."

The potential disaster turned joyous moment was a miracle with mom Laine taking to her Instagram as well to share several snapshots, including one of her daughter crowd-surfing with friends. In another image, the beloved HGTV matriarch expressed her gratitude to the Indigos for stepping in last minute when the "scheduled and paid" band, now known as the "hated and reviled" Huckleberry Funk "bailed on her minutes before the event for another gig."

Fans criticized the local Indy band, with many stunned by their actions. "Wow!! How rude, but I'm glad you got a replacement band! Hope it was a good time for all!!" wrote one fan, while another added, "Never allow the actions of others ruin a moment for you and your family. Don't give them that!!!" As of this writing, Huckleberry Funk has not issued a statement following the situation.

While Hawk and Gray are sisters and are incredibly close, Gray has been playing a major role in the success of their brick-and-mortar store, Two Chicks District Co., in Indianapolis. Gray, who is also the Chief Business Officer of Two Chicks & a Hammer, has been helping spotlight the city in a positively vibrant way through its 1,224-square-foot retail shop, dominating nearly half the space with home décor items featured on Good Bones and a snazzy 600-square-foot upfront bistro.


In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of the store's grand opening this past summer, Gray, alongside her sister, Hawk, got candid about their stellar new endeavor, which offers a wide selection of items like kitchenware, pillows, bedding and frames. "One of the most common questions we get from our fans is where did you get [this]? So, it just made sense that we create a space where fans, guests and neighbors could come and shop the items that they [and we] love," Gray told PopCulture. "We would have opened a lot sooner, but you know... life. We had to find the funding and time because the core business Two Chicks and a Hammer keeps us all pretty busy."

The store, Two Chicks District Co., is now offering items online for fans of the show who want a little bit of Starsiak Hawk and Laine's style in their own home and have recently released their Christmas collection. Head to their official website on how you can get your hands on some of the cutest festive items this season! Good Bones can be seen on HGTV, check your local listings. Season 6 of the show returns in 2021.