'Gold Rush' Spinoff 'Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine' Ordered at Discovery

Fans missing Gold Rush star Dave Turin will be pleased to find out that Discovery has greenlighted Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The seven-episode series will debut on Friday, March 8 on the Discovery GO platform before the series has its broadcast premiere on the network on Friday, April 5 at 10 p.m. The show marks Gold Rush's first foray as a multiplatform series.

Earning the nickname "Dozer Dave," Turin worked alongside fellow miner Todd Hoffman bulldozing in a quest for gold on Gold Rush. After leaving the show two years ago, Turin started receiving requests from people around the country asking for help with resurrecting their failing mines.

In his return to gold mining, Turin uses his expertise and the backing of financiers to become his own mine boss — and make a fortune while doing it.

"Dave Turin cemented himself as a fan favorite as viewers witnessed his successes, failures, persistence and now, a whole new chapter," said Scott Lewers, executive vice president of multiplatform live event programming and network strategy at Discovery and Science Channel. "This digital-first series invites everyone to join him on his latest adventure and thrilling pursuit for gold."

Since debuting in 2010 and recently celebrating its ninth season premiere in October, Gold Rush continues to be a ratings success with the Discovery Channel. The new series is the third spinoff for the franchise, which has previously spawned Gold Rush: Parker's Trail and Gold Rush: White Water.

New midform episodes of the show will air on Discovery GO, which is free to viewers with a cable subscription, before it airs on cable. Those seven episodes will follow Turin's "search for the one abandoned one that he's willing to risk everything for." The all-new episodes that air on the network will follow Turn after he makes his selection and will focus on his work in that abandoned mine.


During his search for the perfect mine on the Discovery GO episodes, he will explore the history of each mine and prospect the land to figure out which one he thinks would win him a jackpot. The Discovery Channel episodes will focus on his work inside that chosen mine.

Dave Turin's Lost Mine will make its broadcast premiere April 8 at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.