'Ghost Hunters' Kristen Luman and Brian Murray 'Super Excited' for Season 2 (Exclusive)

After its hotly anticipated premiere this past August following a three-year hiatus, Ghost Hunters aired its wild season one finale Wednesday night to much fervor from fans. Featuring almost a dozen episodes in its debut season on A&E of unique, spellbinding stories curated by team leader, Grant Wilson and his crew of investigators, the multi-layered paranormal series is far from over and already preparing for its second season.

While chatting with PopCulture.com about its season finale "Hospital Horrors," investigators Kristen Luman and Brian Murray tease exclusive details about what fans can expect from its sophomore season and some "major changes" underway.

"Positive, wonderful changes," Luman told PopCulture.com. "[And] new ways to know the team better. These changes were made to know our personalities even better, and see how we all work together." Adding that she's "excited" for viewers to see it all, she shares how it's "going to be awesome."

"We came into this as experts, all of us, yet Grant was our leader and our guide. And I think in the second season, you'll see more of him trusting us to handle this stuff on our own," the co-lead investigator said.

Echoing Luman's thoughts, Murray adds with the team all being experts in their own areas, "everybody's a leader" in Ghost Hunters.

"The way we gel with each other is a lot, it's so much more than it was in the beginning. We're used to each other and the personalities, and everybody's strengths and weaknesses. We look after each other — we're a family, and we're really diving into experiments to get the questions answered basically," he told PopCulture.com. "We want to put the puzzle together, and we're taking any piece that's given to us, and we're just putting it together, and really investigating, really going out of the box. I'm super excited for the second season."

Hypnotherapist and parapsychologist, Luman adds when the team first discussed the changes ahead during one of their last investigations, it was "really awesome" because their ideas were the exact ideas Wilson had.

"That was pretty awesome to see how that came together," she said, adding how it's been really nice to have him assist the team with all his television expertise on cases they "needed some guidance" on. "[We're] trying to make sure that the viewers at home who are sitting on their couch are able to experience what we're experiencing as well. We want our viewers to be able to feel it with us. That's what makes the show so amazing when they feel, even though they're on their couch, that they're right there in that dark room with us."

Murray tells PopCulture.com that the team has made "the mentor very proud."

"He has molded us into this unit. I like to use military terms because I was in the military," the former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant said. "But honestly, he's our mentor, and he has taught us to become one unit. He can sit there, and he doesn't have to voice this and that because we're already on top of it. We're evolving into this squad that's going out and having our own ideas. We're not looking to Grant to say, 'No, don't do this,' or, 'Yeah, you can do this.' It's more of, 'This is what we got, Grant. This is what we want to do.'"

Murray adds Wilson is "so comfortable" with the way the team operates, and is all for their decisions and techniques. "He's there to let us do our thing, and it shows how this team can work together with no matter who we're working with. I love it."

Per the network, Ghost Hunters will return for its second season sometime in 2020. In the meantime, fans of the series can keep up with the team on social media and all their current investigations underway.

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Photo credit: A&E Networks