'Ghost Hunters' Grant Wilson and Kristen Luman Talk Tearful Account in 'Pillars Estate' Episode (Exclusive)

After last week’s highly anticipated Ghost Hunters return on A&E, fans of the paranormal [...]

After last week's highly anticipated Ghost Hunters return on A&E, fans of the paranormal investigative series are learning how the show differs greatly from its first incarnation and noticing right off the bat, it's a reboot full of heart and humanity. Touching on the emotional significance and energies heightened within the supernatural realm, original series star, Grant Wilson is leading the charge with a brand new team and diving deep into the unexplained.

While chatting with PopCulture.com ahead of the reboot's premiere on Aug. 21, Ghost Hunters stars, Wilson and co-lead investigator, Kristen Luman shared just how emotional things get while filming, disclosing that sometimes a case will get the best of them.

"Not too many investigations ago, [we] had a reveal to a client where we were all in tears," Luman tells PopCulture.com, adding they were "happy tears" though thanks in part to her team members, Daryl Marston, Richel Stratton, Brandon Alvis, Mustafa Gatollari and Brian Murray's conclusions.

"We were able to bring some comfort to him in a way none of us were expecting, including himself," she said of the second episode covering the Pillars Estate in New York. "And that was just a really beautiful thing to experience and that was one of those times where we were like, 'You know what? This is why we do what we do.' And this is just the most rewarding to be able to bring to somebody."

(Photo: Justin Bettman / A&E Networks)

With the team ensuring they focus on emotional awareness and energy in order to confirm or debunk paranormal phenomena, Wilson adds that one of the more fascinating aspects with their inquiry was the associations with the entities.

"And that [account] was so emotional because of how it affected the client and us — and it was a very beautiful thing," Grant told PopCulture.com. "But also the implications of what was happening with the entities, it was beautiful for everybody involved — including the entities. That's what we're after [and] it's fascinating."

With the show greenlighted for 20 episodes for its first season, fans can expect a lot of emotional responses from the team, their list of clients and the ghosts they're hunting. In the premiere episode, Wilson and Luman's team members, Gatollari and Stratton found themselves at an epicenter of overwhelming emotions after interacting with an entity found at the gymnasium of Pocatello High School in Idaho.

Upon review of all their investigative material, Wilson concluded with Marston and Luman that there was definitely a correlation between the 125-year-old high school's dimming lights and experiences felt by Gatollari and Stratton. Additionally, he shared EVPs featuring disembodied voices captured during their investigation, disclosing to their client it was a "very positive experience."

"Even though a place may have activity, it's not bad," Wilson said in the premiere episode. "And honestly, the people who come around here, probably love the school. I really feel like your school spirit is quite literally alive and well."

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: Justin Bettman / A&E Networks