'Ghost Hunters' Star Brian Murray Clarifies Possibility of 'Rogue Entity' in 'Cursed Castle' Episode (Exclusive)

During Wednesday night’s Ghost Hunters investigation at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio, Grant Wilson and his crew of paranormal investigators were left questioning whether or not the situation they were experiencing at the family-owned hotel was somewhat of a rogue entity. With the grounds being a hotspot of unexplained activity between fire alarms continuously going off, a mysterious history of fires plaguing the property and eyewitness accounts highlighting a plethora of paranormal phenomena including voices and shadowy figures, the team came to the conclusion that there was something occurring on the grounds that they could not explain.

In the episode, “Cursed Castle,” Brian Murray and Richel Stratton investigate the hotel’s restaurant, where staff had reportedly seen the “woman in white.” During their investigation, the two soon notice the scent of gas, which results in the team taking prompt action for looking into the cause, led by Wilson and co-team leader, Daryl Marston.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis investigate the Landoll Suite, where guests claimed to see shadowy figures, strange sounds and reports of being touched. Upon entering the room, the two investigators discover the fireplace had been turned on causing the room to reach scorching temperatures. Gatollari asks Wilson via their two-way radio if anyone from the team had visited the Landoll Suite, to which the team leader reports “negative,” adding how “something’s going on here… fire keeps popping up” as he and Marston travel on the grounds to further investigate the gas leak.

While Alvis completes an EMF sweep in the suite, he discovers that the heater has also been turned on full blast in the upper level of the hotel suite. After Alvis calls the experience “weird,” Gatollari chimes in almost frustrated, asking while outside of the suite, “Are we dealing with a case of maybe, there’s like a rogue entity here that’s trying to burn this f—ing place down?”

Following the investigation and conclusions drawn from the case that were shared with the family, Murray tells PopCulture.com exclusively that though he is unsure in the likelihood of a rogue entity, he is not ruling it out just yet.

“To me, it’s a possibility because if this is the tragedy that’s happened for years and it just continuously comes up — the fire alarms are going off and we’ve had it tested and we can’t figure it out,” Murray told PopCulture.com. “It’s possible somebody could be upset and that’s [the entity’s] means of showing themselves and saying, ‘Hey. I don’t like this family on this property and this is how I handle business.’ I can’t say for sure, but it is a thought and we would have to do more research and more investigating. And I hope that we do get the chance to do that.”

When it comes to the clarification of what a “rogue entity” is, Murray asserts that it is not something “evil.”

“I would say [they’re] mischief makers,” he said. “I would say that using the word ‘evil’ is something that we’re going to never use. I choose to not use it myself. I feel like if you’re a bad person in life, you could be a bad person in the afterlife. If you can think about times when you are upset at people, people get upset and they do things that they don’t like. And I feel like an entity is no different than us. They’re people and they have their emotions as well.”


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Photo credit: A&E Networks