'Ghost Hunters' Star Brian Murray Dives Into 'Real Nature' of A&E Series With 'Cursed Castle' Episode (Exclusive)

With the first season of the Ghost Hunters reboot steadily delivering weekly spooks, the A&E [...]

With the first season of the Ghost Hunters reboot steadily delivering weekly spooks, the A&E series is showing no signs of slowing down with its fiery paranormal cases and proving its true spirit in the latest episode. Leading the charge alongside his team, Grant Wilson and the crew look to answer the unexplained in their latest visit to an Ohio hotel known as Landoll's Mohican Castle, which brings to light a mysterious history of destructive fires and eyewitness accounts highlighting a variety of entities.

With several guests and hotel staff reporting unexplainable activity around the grounds of the popular resort, Ghost Hunters investigator, Brian Murray, who uses past military experience for an organized and structured approach to every investigation, admits it was an incredible case to cover. While chatting with PopCulture.com ahead of Wednesday's episode, "The Cursed Castle," Murray revealed exclusively that fans are finally getting a solid look at what the popular series' second incarnation is really all about.

"They will be getting the real nature of what we're trying to do," Murray told PopCulture.com about the fourth episode. "It's not about going and finding ghosts every time. It's helping these people out. As far as, you know, environmental conditions or if they do have something paranormal, then we can help them with that or help the entity."

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Murray adds that he expects viewers this week to "really see how this team operates together" and "get down to answering questions [and] finding the truth."

"That's what we're here to do," Murray said. "And that's what I believe we do."

Murray goes on to share that while fans of the series will also learn of the team's interesting technique using a forensic sketch artist to help identify a mysterious "woman in white," it was the hospitality of everyone at the whimsical location that really captured his attention.

"The location was beautiful," he said. "Everybody was there, all the witnesses, everybody was fantastic. They treated us amazing."

The investigator goes on to share though that without a doubt, his favorite part of this week's investigation was getting the chance to examine the paranormal claims with his best friend and fellow investigator, Richel Stratton.

"Working with Richel — as my best friend — every case and every time we get to do that, it's always special to me," he said. "And the fact that we did help figure things out, I feel like that's the important thing for us. And I think we accomplished that."

Murray, who is "100 percent" the person fans see on TV, can also be proud of the achievement in winning over fans of the older series — something he admits, he couldn't imagine prior to the premiere this past August.

"You know, when we started, we're coming in as a new team — we thought we would get a lot of backlash about not being the old crew, but it's been totally the opposite, really," Murray said, adding how he likes reading messages from fans and is "humbled" by their words. "They love the old crew ­and they love the new crew, and it seems like everything's been pretty positive."

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

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