'Ghost Hunters' Alums Brian Murray and Richel Stratton Speak out on discovery+ Revival (Exclusive)

Ghost Hunters, one of the most iconic paranormal reality TV series, will begin its second incarnation this Halloween weekend on discovery+ and former series investigators Brian Murray and Richel Stratton couldn't be more excited for the original TAPS team members Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango. After it was announced earlier this summer that the show was moving from A&E to discovery+ with three of the original franchise members at the helm of the revival, Murray and Stratton tell PopCulture.com exclusively they are happy the team is back together. 

"Brian and I have had the honor of meeting them and talking to them, and we're friends with them," Stratton told PopCulture.com in a telephone conversation earlier this week, sharing their findings on The Conjuring home for The Sleepless Unrest. "So, we're rooting them on, we're like, 'Hey, go out there and kick butt!'"

While Stratton admits there was a bit of an "Oh man!" for not continuing, there is nothing but love for the team carrying on the legacy. "At the same time, you're also very excited to see the people who started the whole Ghost Hunters name, but back at it. So it's like, you're pumped for them, and they're great people," she said.

Like Stratton, Murray adds that he was happy to hear it was the original cast of investigators and not a whole new one. "It would've been disheartening, but since it was the original, I grew up watching these guys, so it was like, I got to be a part of that franchise. For me, that's an honor like no other. And to actually get to meet — I met Grant [Wilson], and I've met Jason and Steve, and all three of the guys have been nothing but nice to us. I think they're wonderful. And I'm ready; I'm going to watch it," he said cheerfully.

The feeling is mutual for Stratton and Murray, who investigators Hawes and Gonsalves told PopCulture ahead of the Ghost Hunters premiere this weekend they were big fans of them. "I've spoken with Brian Murray — great guy. I've actually hung out with him a bunch of times, same with Richel. And I met Daryl [Marston] about a month ago. But yeah, those are the only ones I've actually talked with and I mean, Brian, Richel are great people. I've enjoyed talking with them and hanging out with them in the past," Hawes said.

Gonsalves echoes the sentiment, stating how they've had some days and nights of just hanging out and chatting with the pair. "They're both really, really super cool, super nice and very respectful to what we do and what we're about to do, which I think is cool," he said, adding how he also spoke to Marston very briefly as well. "We wish all of those investigators the best."

The paranormal investigator goes on to share how time away from Ghost Hunters while they worked on their Travel Channel show Ghost Nation, gave the team a new perspective and fresh eyes on their research as they work to advance the field of paranormal studies. "We've learned a lot in the last few years which I think is exciting, so you'll see Ghost Hunters was very much a preliminary type of investigation and now we are taking it to another level and actually seeing the cases through to fruition to the point where we're actually helping people and not leaving until we've helped the people that we're investigating for."

The Sleepless Unrest: The Real-Life Conjuring Home is now available to watch on Amazon and for free on Tubi. You can pick up a copy on Blu-ray as well. Ghost Hunters will begin streaming on discovery+ this Halloween, with all episodes currently available. For more on all your favorite paranormal news and reality TV, keep it locked to PopCulture.com!