'Ghost Adventures' Returns With New Episodes on Discovery+

The Ghost Adventures team is back and looking for more instances of extreme and disturbing paranormal activity. Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley return with all-new adventures of the paranormal investigation show in the upcoming season of Ghost Adventures, streaming Thursday, July 22, exclusively on discovery+.

While the Ghost Adventures crew is no stranger to claims of terrifying paranormal activity, these upcoming investigations will take them on a wild ride, examining poltergeist activity at a popular Hollywood costume shop and shadow figures inside a celebrity residence. Using their advanced cutting-edge technology and ghost hunting intuition, Bagans, Goodwin, Tolley and Wasley are looking for evidence that will help explain what exactly is going on beyond the view of everyday life.

This season will be one for the books, the team teased. "What we experience this season is some of the most physical and psychological paranormal activity yet," said Bagans in a statement. "We're dealing with cursed land, portals, demonic activity and very frightened property owners who are afraid to live and work in these places. It's terrifying, and we're doing all we can to help them and understand these powerful hauntings."

In "The Great Saltair Curse," the season's premiere episode streaming July 22, the Ghost Adventures crew heads to Great Salt Lake in Utah to investigate The Great Saltair, a century-old music venue that is host to terrifying hauntings, and plagued by misfortune, disaster and even death. While many people believe the venue is haunted by Saltair Sally, a woman whose body was found on the property in 2000, the team finds evidence that the land is cursed. During their investigation, the team is plagued by intense physical afflictions, disembodied voices, unexplained figures and an array of frightening anomalies.

Throughout the season, Bagans and the crew will encounter what they believe to be poltergeist activity at Hollywood Toys and Costumes, demonic growls at the house of Holly Madison and rumors of a portal to hell in Virginia City, Nevada, a haunted town that's kept the crew coming back again and again. Each Thursday, a new episode will drop on discovery+ to intrigue and terrify viewers, making them question what they think they know about the paranormal.


Bagans has encountered some of the most infamous haunted objects in the world, recalling in October 2019 on E!'s True Hollywood Story his time with the doll that inspired a horror movie franchise, Annabelle. "A figure appeared out of her and then went into me," Bagans recalled. "Next day I'm still recovering from my investigation from Annabelle and all of a sudden, like in the movies, the skies just turn black. They're rumbling and then boom, lightning strikes a light pole where my car is and leaves a huge gash on the light." He wondered, "If I wasn't around that doll, would that have happened?" Don't miss the return of Ghost Adventures on Thursday, July 22, exclusively on discovery+.