'Floribama Shore' Cast Divided Over Jeremiah's Wiccan Hookup

She may not be an official cast member, but Jeremiah Buoni's new flame Kayla Jo is already bringing drama to the Floribama Shore beach house.

As the cast hangs out drunkenly back at the house, Kayla Jo reveals that she's a practicing Wiccan, which she says means she believes in a "higher power than God" and practices "the white light."

While many of the cast members don't seem to have an issue with it, others are freaked out.

"Kayla Jo is a modern day version of a witch," Kortni Gilson jokes. "Maybe she can work her little magic on Jeremiah and make him fall in love."

Kayla Jo's religious practices also turn off Nilsa Prowant, who has clashed with her in the past, calling her "needy" and "thirsty" in her pursuit of Buoni.

In a clip from next week's episode, Prowant runs to grab a "Jesus candle" after finding out Kayla Jo is a Wiccan, screaming, "I am going to rebuke this demon in the name of the Lord."

Other members of the house also aren't a huge fan of her, although for different reasons than their friend.

When Kayla Jo makes Jeremiah an omelette the night after they hook up, both Kirk Medas (whom she called both "Dedrick" and "Derique") and Candace Rice give the intruder the side eye.

"Why is she here, like, thinking this is, like, her house? Like, waking me up early? Getting my name wrong in my house?" Medas asks. "It's too early for this. I'm not a morning person."

"Oh, we got a new roommate?" Rice asks aloud, before complaining in a confessional: "Man, I see Kayla Jo going through the fridge, she opening it like she live here!"

While the rest of the Floribama crew doesn't seem to get on with Kayla Jo, the self-proclaimed "Southern gentleman" seems pretty into her.

"I'm open to anything that happens," he says. "I'm definitely looking for someone to enjoy someone's company with, have fun and not let this summer get wasted by petty BS."

Floribama Shore airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV