Farrah Abraham Says She's 'Scared' to Use Her Vagina Following Rejuvenation Procedure, Calls It 'a Reborn Virgin Situation'

Farrah Abraham got a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, and she is ready to talk pretty openly about it. The former Teen Mom star said that she feels "reborn" after the procedure, and added that she's "scared to use it!" As usual, fans are divided over Abraham's behavior and her openness about it.

Abraham was one of the original cast members of Teen Mom OG, following her stint on 16 and Pregnant on MTV. She left the show in 2018, but she has not left the spotlight, nor has she stopped giving fans an inside look at her life. In an interview with Too Fab this week, she discussed her vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

"Oh my god, we did it live on Instagram!" Abraham said. "She did not cut me, it came out good and I gotta say, my vajayjay's looking better than ever!"

"You know, I was nervous, but honestly I was laughing, and numb," she continued. "It was fine, and the recovery was like a week. My vagina doesn't miss anything that she cut, so I'm like, 'Hey, okay! It's like a divorce!'"

The interviewer asked Abraham if she has "used" her newly rejuvenated anatomy yet, and she laughed this question off. The reality star said that she is currently single and intends to stay that way.

"I don't date right now," she said. "I gotta say, I keep doing those vagina rejuvenation things, I mean, I don't think — if I ever started dating — I don't know if my vagina's ready to date, really. I mean, it's like tight, it's right. I'm scared. I'm scared to use it! Don't break it!"

"I definitely think it's like, a reborn virgin situation," she concluded.

Abraham is known for her transparency with fans, hiding nothing from them in her quest for reality TV and social media success. She even dabbled in adult films in years past, releasing X-rated scenes while she was still on Teen Mom.

However, when asked about adult films in her interview, Abraham said that young men might be better off staying away from them in the interest of keeping their real lives more fulfilling.

"I think you can be inspired, and you should have a better real life than what you maybe watch?" she said. "I know like my romance life with my past relationships — it was better than what people see on TV. I think you just gotta be secure, and have your good, good... Be secure! Pound your chest. You are King Kong! This is your world!"


"I know why they're scared; they don't know who they're having sex," she went on. "They're like, 'I gotta just focus on my performance!' I guess everyone's a porn star these days. But I'm definitely not like that."