Farrah Abraham Opens up About 'Big Changes' in Her Lifestyle

Farrah Abraham made some big changes in her life, including leaving MTV and Teen Mom, so she decided to get a makeover.

farrah abraham big changes instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Farrah Abraham)

Abraham posted an ad for Flat Tummy Co., which makes teas and shakes. She included a photo showing off her abs and the last mix of Flat Tummy Shakes she drank.

"I've made some big changes recently, so I figured I'd treat myself to a little tummy makeover with [Flat Tummy Co] while I'm at it," Abraham wrote. "I haven't been the best at staying on track lately, and I really want to get back to feeling good again. So I'm starting another round of these Flat Tummy Shakes to help me do just that."

The 26-year-old Abraham also told her fans about the company's 20% off sale.

"This stuff is the best at controlling my appetite and keeping me from reaching for those late-night snack," Abraham's ad reads. "If you're ready for a tummy makeover too…check them out!"

One of the "big changes" Abraham was referring to was leaving Teen Mom OG. Abraham finally severed her ties with MTV and Viacom after claiming the network fired her for her career in the adult entertainment industry. She filed a $5 million lawsuit against Viacom in February, for allegedly "sex shaming" her. She also claimed Teen Mom OG executive producer Morgan J. Freeman visited her in Texas in October 2017, and harassed and humiliated her for her choice of work.

Outside of the show, she has appeared at gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas and is the spokeswoman for the adult film site ManyVids.

Since leaving the network, Abraham has slammed her former Teen Mom co-stars, although Matt Baier curiously sided with Abraham in a podcast interview this week.

"I think it's wrong," Baier, who dated Amber Portwood, told RadarOnline. "Farrah was originally taken off the show for doing porn. Then she was brought back onto the show. It's not like the porn was a new thing. Is the message: We're going to bring her back because we had potentially dipping ratings? Now that we feel our ratings are strong, we no longer approve of how she lives her life? I don't think that's right."

Abraham has been working with MTV for over a decade, as she first appeared on 16 & Pregnant. She has a 9-year-old daughter, Sofia, whose father was killed in a car accident during Abraham's pregnancy. In 2013, she appeared in a sex tape, which changed her career trajectory instantly.


"I felt misunderstood for expressing my sensuality," she told ManyVid's MV Mag. "Although it took me a few years to reconcile those feelings through therapy, along with my faith in God, I was able to overcome being sex-shamed to find my real purpose. I am grateful for this experience because it made me into an empowered woman who proudly wants to help end the stigma around sex."

Photo credit: Instagram/ Farrah Abraham