Farrah Abraham Gets Blasted by Social Media After Sharing Photos of Daughter Sophia

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham shared some sweet photos of daughter Sophia at a beauty pageant last weekend, which only inspired a curious amount of hatred from some Instagram users.

On Saturday, June 15, 10-year-old Sophia took part in a National American Miss Jr. pageant in Houston. Abraham shared the video of Sophia receiving a runner-up trophy on Sophia's Instagram page, but the video stopped just before the top winner was announced.

Abraham shared a few other photos from the pageant on Sophia's page, and published a gallery of her own.

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"Not your typical pageant mom but I support ladies investing in themselves and becoming a woman of value, [Sophia] congratulations on your win! I love you, I love supporting you," Abraham wrote in the caption. "Your winning in life and you have had one of the biggest weekends in your life beyond this pagent I'm proud of you creating your own brand, taking interviews, meetings, having your on agents, and your own companies - you are selfmade and your are [100] % you - do not ever change... cheers to one of your biggest years of success."

While there might have been some nice sentiment behind the post, Abraham's followers were not feeling it. Some even criticized her for misspelling "pageant" in the caption.

"It's 'pageant' mom, sigh. When will you learn to spellcheck, [for f—'s sake]?" one person wrote.

Others suggested she was not teaching Sophia how to really be a woman of value by entering her into a preteen beauty contest.

"You talk about being a woman of value. This is something you definitely are not and not teaching your daughter what a real woman of value is," one person wrote. "And why is it so hard for you to let this little girl enjoy her childhood without having to work?!"

"A woman of value? [Laughing out loud]. I sure hope you realize the example you give doesn't reflect that," another wrote.

Over on Sophia's Instagram page, people accused Abraham of paying for the trophy and for cutting the video short before the final winner was announced.

"For her age her mom has made her very self absorbed we all know why she really won," one person wrote.

"Poor kid. Her mom is molding her into a mini Farrah," another added.

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Abraham left the Teen Mom franchise for good in 2018, alleging that she was being pushed out by MTV for pursuing a career in adult entertainment. She was replaced by Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd, although Palin left after only one season.

After Palin announced her departure from the show, Abraham made it clear she will never return.

"I am definitely not ever, probably, coming back to Teen Mom," Abraham said in April. "I have so moved on, and I think it was such a great way to move on. Between all the lies and conspiracies and every other thing that happened when I left Teen Mom — I definitely wasn't fired, I've never been fired — I think some of the producers have an ego, and I'm thankful to the great crew that doesn't sell out their talent that takes care of them and loves them."


She continued, "But that's far and few, and that doesn't really exist. As a mom, a single mom, I wanted to raise my daughter around some more ethical people. Some better ethical people."

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