Farrah Abraham's Photo of Ex's Grave Draws Criticism

Farrah Abraham paid tribute to her late ex on Thursday, but not everyone appreciated the gesture.

The Teen Mom OG cast member shared a photo of ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood's grave along with a note about how she and their daughter Sophia pay tribute to him each year. Underwood died in a car accident on Dec. 28, 2008, while Abraham was 8 months pregnant with Sophia.

The tribute, which came with a lengthy caption, drew a fair amount of criticism from commenters.

Many thought this was a simple ploy for attention and that she could have simply done the gravesite visit without posting about it on social media.

"The only person exploiting his death, your daughter and your life in general, is you," one commenter wrote. "Stop placing the blame for everything that's wrong in your life, grow up and take some responsibility."

Another added, "[Would have] been a nice thing to do if [you] had just done it [and] not posted a pic for attention."

Others pointed out that Abraham and Underwood appeared to have less than stellar relationship when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant.


"Does nobody remember the 16 and Pregnant episode?" one user wrote. "She hated him. She didn't tell him she was pregnant. She spoke of him in a horrible manner... Farrah is using his death as something for people to feel sorry for her."

Abraham has often shared tributes to Underwood on social media, including photos of his grave and of his family, so it's unexpected that will change any time soon.