Farrah Abraham's Public Appearance Demands Leak, and They're Wild

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is hosting a holiday party at a gentleman's club on the Las Vegas strip this week, and her list of requests for the green room has a few surprises on it. The former reality star is known for her blunt, unfiltered style, and her rider for this upcoming appearance lives up to her reputation.

According to a report by TMZ, Abraham specifically asks that the venue stock her dressing room with neon panties and a "vajazzling" kit. She also expects the Crazy Horse III to make sure she looks her best, asking that they book "a pre-planned appointment with an affluent med-spa for service of 2 syringes of Sculpta facial filler." In addition, Abraham requested a 24 karat gold collagen breast firming gel mask.

Most performers have a simple rider, requesting a certain bottle of liquor or a certain meal they favor from the area they're performing at. All Abraham thought to ask for in the way of food was a single California sushi roll.


She's nothing if not generous, however. Abraham asked the venue for $3,000 worth of "Crazy Horse III Diamond Dollars" so that she could tip the performers throughout the night.