Farrah Abraham Defends Video Showing Daughter Sophia 'Twerking' Following Outrage

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham shared a video of daughter Sophia Abraham twerking on her TikTok account and, as could be predicted, the video caused outrage. In a new interview with The Sun, Abraham defended sharing the video, saying she was letting her 10-year-old daughter be a child. Abraham is often criticized for her posts including Sophia, as social media followers believe she is putting her daughter in inappropriate situations.

Abraham, who attended the ThinkBIG 2020 conference on Jan. 11, told The Sun Sophia asked to twerk.

"I said, 'I don't think that's age appropriate because you're twerking your booty' and she's like 'mom but all the kids are doing it,'" Abraham said. "I'm like, 'Okay I'll try this for you, but I'm really not about it.'"

After sharing the video, Abraham said she received "all the bad things" from her followers and she disagreed with the backlash. "It's sad that thousands and millions of other kids can act like kids and Sophia doesn't get that attribute of acting like a child," she said. "I feel like I'm allowing my kid to be a child and that's first and foremost number one."

However, Abraham did not explain why she felt the need to share the video in the first place, especially as she is well aware of the backlash she and Sophia often receive on social media. In October, she even revealed that Sophia has gone to therapy because of the attention she faces, and said Sophia is being homeschooled to avoid bullying.

"We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye," Abraham explained on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop podcast. "She gets so much hate for being online schooled or home schooled... Sophia doesn't pay attention to cyber bullying. She is just totally overcoming it."

Abraham later added, "She gets so much hate and it's so crazy. Whatever works for Sophia for making her feel strong, that's what I'm about."

Abraham's social media posts, especially on Instagram, are met with backlash almost the moment she posts them. On Dec. 31, she shocked fans by sharing a video of herself in a bed scantily clad and tagged Sophia, which some found inappropriate.

The former MTV star has also noticeably lost Instagram followers this month, as she now focuses almost exclusively on re-sharing TikTok videos there.

Sophia also has her own Instagram page, run by her mother. She has more than 631,000 followers there. Unlike Abraham's posts, some have the comments section disabled.


"I don't think it's scandalous at all," Abraham's mother, Debra Danielsen, recently told The Sun of her daughter and granddaughter's social media activity. "We've always done funny little things like that around the house. "It's not meant to be sexual. We live in a society where people love to hate and love to make a big deal out of nothing. They're just having fun!"

Photo credit: Getty Images