'Duck Dynasty': Sadie Robertson Reveals Cryptic Post About Blessing From God That Brought Her to Tears

Sadie Robertson's life just received a major blessing, but she's playing coy on what exactly that [...]

Sadie Robertson's life just received a major blessing, but she's playing coy on what exactly that blessing is.

The Duck Dynasty cast member posted a joyous selfie on her Instagram profile late Saturday night along with a lengthy caption about something God just brought into her life.

This blessing was apparently even sweeter for Robertson, 21, being as it was something she dearly wanted five years ago. However, she now realizes she was not ready for the unnamed life event five years ago, and now is the perfect time for it.

(Photo: Instagram / @legitsadierob)

"I took this selfie the other day to document a moment when I was so filled with gratitude and awe and wonder that God did the sweetest thing that I honestly thought He had forgotten about. 5 years ago I wanted something very specific from God very bad... but it wasn't what I needed at the time," Robertson wrote. "On this day God reminded me of what I wanted so badly back then I now have, but before I could have what I just wanted He wanted to give me what I needed, knowing that it would be the very thing I'm most grateful for. Does that even make sense, [laughing out loud]."

Robertson, who was the runner-up on Dancing With the Stars Season 19, goes on to discuss the gift from God, but she still does not divulge what it is. However, it apparently a huge deal for her, as it has brought her to tears multiple times in recent days.

"The amount of times I've smiled so big this week while simultaneously forming tears is insane because I'm so overwhelmed that He knew, that He remembered, that He cares, and that He hears," she wrote. "Tonight you may be where I was 5 years ago and you're confused and your disappointed, but oh sister and friend If I could just encourage you to trust the process and one day you're going to wake up and realize He not only gives you what you need, but He also cares about what you want. You're gonna have to take a selfie the day it happens to never forget the overwhelming emotion His faithfulness brings."

It's unclear what exactly Robertson is so excited about, but it likely stems from her romantic life or professional life. She has been cozying up to Auburn University student Christian Huff on Instagram, with the couple appearing to be head over heels for each other. Robertson is also prepping for the revamped rollout of her lifestyle brand, Live Original, on May 1.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @legitsadierob