Duane 'Dog' Chapman Praises Son Wesley for Work Rescuing Children From Abuse: 'So Proud'

Wesley Chapman might not be the most well-known member of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman's children, but he still does incredible work through The Human Gathering, an event he helped establish. After Forbes published a new profile of his work to save children from abuse, Duane tweeted about how proud he is of his son.

"So proud of my son," Duane tweeted, alongside a link to the Forbes story.

Chapman has spent the last seven years rescuing thousands of children from abusive environments through the special community. According to Forbes, his project has worked with Randy Jackson, Rainn Wilson, Twitch founder Justin Kan and more.

"We've worked with federal agencies to rescue children from abuse, among other things," Chapman told Forbes.

Chapman later explained that he and his wife Jodie have kept their work from media attention because he did not want to ride his father's coattails.

"I never wanted to ride on my dad's coattails," he explained. "His blood is in my veins. And that's more than enough."

Duane told Forbes that Chapman could be "the next Tony Robbins," but Chapman would prefer to reach people outside the limelight.

"I've done it my whole career. When my former company worked with huge clients like Costco, Microsoft and others, it was really our ability to understand what they needed that set us apart," Chapman said, explaining that these skills were applied to the foundation A Human Project.

The foundation is funded by Chapman and his network of wealthy friends. It is not accepting public donations.

While Chapman has enjoyed working behind the scenes, his profile is about to get much bigger. According to Forbes, he is looking at several book offers, a documentary series and a speaking tour.

"My dad and I are getting ready to make a lot of noise and do some massive things," Chapman told the outlet. "I've been working behind the scenes for so long. It's time for me to let the world know what we've been up to."

Chapman's decision to open up about his work to help children in need comes just a few weeks after the death of his step-mother, Beth Chapman. She died last month at age 51 after a battle with throat cancer.

"Nothing is more important than family. And this lifestyle enables my entire family to gather together whenever we like, in this incredible, serene environment," Chapman told Forbes. "In fact, we are currently acquiring hundreds of additional acres for an exciting new endeavor that you'll hear about very soon."


Fans will also get to Duane and Beth back in action next year on WGN America's Dog's Most Wanted.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jodie Chapman