Duane 'Dog' Chapman Offers Burglars Deal for Turning Selves in Following Colorado Store Theft

Duane "Dog" Chapman offered a final deal to the person or persons behind the burglary at his family's store in Colorado. The press conference held by the Edgewater Police Department in Edgewater, Colorado and the reality star took questions while addressing the criminals directly at times according to PEOPLE.

Dog explained to the gathered press that he felt it was important to be there because the location was "our building" before sending a message directly to the thieves.

"My message to the guy is, if you turn yourself in within the next 48 hours, I will not press charges. I will try to get you probation, a job," Chapman told reporters. "But if you don't, there will be no mercy. I am not OJ Simpson, so I'm not gonna do this myself...I've been across the nation, captured fugitives, and Colorado, especially this county, is one of the greatest, and some of the best cops in the country. They work overtime without getting paid, and they do a lot of stuff without getting paid."

Chapman added that the police already had some good leads on a suspect and reiterated that the culprit has 48 hours to "ask for forgiveness."

As for the robbery, Chapman said it "hits home pretty bad" and said a lot of their items are missing.

"We had this 15 years, like I said, it was Beth's," Chapman said. "We just canceled, we were doing an inventory as this was going on, so thank God we had a list. Cops have been here trying to see who was inside the building, when usually it's only open during the day. We've got a list."

He added that a lot of his late wife's bounty hunting gear was missing, personal items, and much more. He also said that if he could get one item back, he would want to get Beth's taser.

"Only time does healing. The good outweighs the bad, though," Dog said while also admitting he cried when initially hearing about the robbery. Daughter Bonnie Chapman, currently attending college in the state, also got word about the robbery via a Facebook message according to PEOPLE, calling local police soon after.


Previous reports indicated that thousands of dollars in personal items belonging to the late reality star had been taken. Most of them had been on display as a memorial following her death in June.

Dog had initially tweeted after the story broke, saying it was an "unforgivable sin" to steal from the dead and that a "large cash reward" would be given for any information related to the burglary.